Gold Card FAQs

  1. How Do I Apply?
    • The Gold Card is a seasonal product and therefore no longer available. To find out more about other Provident products you may be entitled to, speak to your Agent.

  2. How Do I Make Repayments?
    • Repayments will start in January 2015; your Agent will discuss this with you as part of the application process.

      You will also receive a statement that lets you know the total amount you have spent on your card, the total sum owed (your total amount spent + interest) and your weekly repayments.

      Your Agent will then call to your home each week to collect your repayments.

  3. Do I Receive Any Discounts?
    • Yes, you receive some great discounts with your card.

      Visit the to view and download selected offers and also make sure you ask your Agent for an offer booklet to take full advantage of all the available deals.

      Find out more about the Provident Gold Card here.

  4. Does My Gold Card Expire?
    • Yes, your card will expire on the 31st December 2014, giving you plenty of chance to shop for Christmas.

      On this date your card will become inactive and you will only pay back the amount that you have spent up to this date plus interest.

  5. What Happens If My Gold Card Is Lost Or Stolen?
    • Please keep your card in a safe place. In the event of the card being lost, stolen or otherwise misused, you must suspend your card immediately using the 24/7 automated telephone service on 0844 770 9015. To do so you will require your 19 digit card number, which you should be able to find in your payment book. If you do not have this to hand please call 0844 736 9901 to speak to an advisor.

      If you require a replacement card please call 0844 375 0739. Please note that replacement cards will not be issued after the expiry date or if the amount left to spend is less than £50.

  6. How Does It Work?
    • The Gold Card works in the same way as a credit card, and is accepted both on the high street and online. It is preloaded with £400 and you can't spend more than the preloaded amount.

  7. Where Can I Use My Gold Card?
    • You can use your Gold Card in over 40* favourite retailers, online and in store including Iceland, Toys ‘R’ Us, Matalan, Argos, M&S, iTunes and

      Click here to view all participating retailers.

      To find out more about a Gold Card, click here

      *Accepting retailers subject to change

  8. What Is The Gold Card?
    • The Gold Card is a buy now, pay later shopping card just for our existing customers. The card comes pre-loaded with £400 so you can choose how much you spend and your repayments will be based on what you spent.

  9. What Happens If I Don't Spend The Full £400?
    • If you don’t spend the full £400 on your card before it expires on the 31st December 2014, then you will only pay back what you have actually spent plus interest. This keeps you in control as you only spend what you need.

  10. How Do I Find Out My Balance?


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