About us

"The overwhelming majority of the people of this country are honest and will honour their obligations"


Joshua Waddilove, Founder of Provident, 1840-1920

At Provident, we put our customers at the heart of our business and have been doing so since 1880. Unlike some loan companies we’ve been around for a long time providing a lending handto generations of people from grandparents to grandchildren.


We’ve been helping families and communities for over 135 years, now offering cash loans between £100- £1,000 over a range of repayment terms. What’s more, we provide a face to face weekly service which many customers may not get with other lenders.


Our business is built upon the relationships Agents develop with our customers, and this has never changed over the years.


If you apply for a Provident loan, a local Agent will take you through your loan options and application, as well as discuss any questions or queries you may have. Our face to face service means you are supported not only throughout your application process but your repayment period too.

As a responsible lender, Agents will only lend amounts that are right for the customer, ensuring they are manageable and affordable. We don’t believe in hidden extras or charging late fees, with us you’ll always know where you stand.


Consumer Credit Association (CCA)

We voluntarily follow the CCA’s code of practice which sets out the standards of business practice for members of the CCA. This means customers get extra peace of mind from knowing that this additional protection exists.


Provident in the community

We may have changed a bit over the years but our commitment to helping people never has which is why as well as providing loans, we also invest in local communities. We offer a community program that aims to benefit those who live and work in the areas in which we operate.


Provident Financial Group

Provident is part of the Provident Financial Group, with its parent company being Provident Financial plc. The Group is one of the UK’s leading suppliers of personal credit products to the non-standard lending market. Provident Financial Group provides a number of products other than a home credit loan including an online loan from Satsuma Loans and credit card from Vanquis Bank.

A history of helping people

Unlike some loan companies, we've been around for a very long time. We were founded in 1880 by Joshua Waddilove, who wanted to help working families provide for themselves.


Over the past 135 years, we've helped hundereds of thousands of people when they needed a hand. We may have even helped your great-aunties and great-uncles and their friends in the past.