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Key facts about the Affordability Assessment

As a responsible lender we need to ensure that our loans are affordable for each customer. The affordability assessment will check whether customers can afford to repay their loan and that this is affordable over the term of the loan.


If you are accepted in principle, an Agent will come to your home to discuss your loan requirements and carry out the Affordability Assessment as part of the loan application process.


In order to complete the Affordability Assessment, your Agent will ask to see one or more of the following:


  • The latest payslip(s) from your employer;
  • Letters/statements from the DWP or HMRC showing Benefits amounts;
  • Letters/statements showing your Pension income;
  • Any documentation you may have which shows your self-employed income;
  • Your rent book;
  • Documents showing the amounts you repay on loans that you have with other lenders;
  • A court order or CSA letter showing maintenance payments you receive from an ex-partner

For more about the affordability assessment click here to read our FAQs.


Please Note:


  • We do not allow income to be taken into account where it will not continue over the term of the loan.

  • Your partner’s income is not taken into account.