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You've been accepted in principle for a home collected loan


We've not been able to validate your card, so the CPA payment option you chose is no longer available. However, your application for a home collected loan has been accepted in principle, subject to final approval during your home visit.


Your CEM will be calling you soon, but if a home collected loan isn't for you, just let them know and they can cancel your application.

Proof of your ID, address and income

What you need for your home visit

In order to complete your application process you will be required to have adequate proof of your ID, address and income. We will also need to get an understanding of your outgoings as part of the affordability assessment.

There are several types of ID that are accepted; you are required to provide one form of ID from EITHER A or B.


We are required by regulation to ensure we see evidence of at least 1 approved original document which  confirms a new customer’s FULL NAME AND CURRENT ADDRESS or FULL NAME AND DATE OF BIRTH.


Photographic ID

Current passport, photo card driving licence or EU member state identity card is accepted.

More photographic ID options


Government issued documents

A recent council tax benefit letter or statement (within the last 12 months) is accepted.

For more Acceptable Government issued document options click here.


Affordability assessment

As part of the loan process, a member of our team will carry out an affordability assessment.  To complete this assessment you'll need:

  • Proof of income documents (such as your payslip, benefit award or pension statement) to view the full list of accepted proof of income documents click here. 
  • An understanding of your outgoings
  • Your email address

Did you provide your electronic signature?

At the end of your application form there was an option to fill in your electronic signature. If you didn’t do this, bear in mind we won’t be able to complete your loan application until their second visit

Any questions?

If you have any queries about your application you can contact our customer service team online or call 0800 096 6064.