1) The Tracey Island play set

Year: 1992

What was it?: If you had the Tracey Island play set, you were an honorary member of the International rescue team. These plastic islands became a hot ticket off the back of the popular Thunderbirds series. Shops up and down the country sold out well in advance of Christmas. Think Turbo Man from Jingle All The Way, but with fewer flying action heroes.

2) Tamagotchi – the pet in your pocket

Year: 1998/1999

What was it?: If you grew up in the 90s, you had a Tamagotchi. You probably had the Tamagotchi’s successor as well, the Digimon. Apart from being the bane of every teacher’s life, the Tamagotchi was a virtual pet that lived in a key ring size computer and needed feeding every few hours.

Keeping your pet alive became your biggest responsibility. Heartbreak as a child was two things; the death of your virtual pet, and the sight of Mufasa (Simba’s Dad in the Lion King) from the falling from that ledge.

3) Pogs – The little disc game

Year: Mid 90s

What was it?: If you’re trying to make your childhood sound fun to your kids, nieces or nephews, don’t mention Pogs. For those who don’t remember, Pogs were little round disks with pictures and patterns on them. Some were even shiny. Pogs were part of a game which involved catapulting your disks onto someone else’s. No one understood the rules, but winning the game meant winning your friend’s pogs, and nothing was more important.

4) Pokemon cards – Gotta catch em’ all

Year: 1999

What was it?: Charmander, Charmeleon, Charizard, Bulbasaur…

Pokemon were like little animals, who battled each other because….well, we don’t know really know why.

There were 151 Pokemon, each with their own card. Some were rarer than others, and if you had an ultra-rare one, you were the most popular kid in school.

Side challenge: Name all 151 original Pokemon in order, in the Facebook comments section. Remember, if you look it up, you’re only cheating yourself.

It’s worth pointing out to the kids that Pokemon GO only happened because we started the trend!

5) Teddy Ruxpin – The teddy that talks!

Year: 1985

What was it?: In theory, Teddy Ruxpin was a fantastic idea. In reality, it was the stuff of nightmares. Teddy was a Teddy bear (no surprises there) with a cassette player in its back. When the cassette played, Teddy’s eyes and mouth moved, as if the bear was telling the story. Sounds wholesome, doesn’t it?

But imagine you’re a child who isn’t all that happy in the dark. You wake up in the middle of the night, look to your side and your teddy bear is talking to you. Creepy.

6) Cabbage Patch Kids – Your button nosed buddy

Year: 1978

What was it?: The strange thing about Cabbage Patch Kids is that they’re still sold today. They were created by a 21 year old college student in America, who wanted to make something of his love of knitting.

They were even given their own backstory. The Cabbage Patch Kids were mystical beings found by a ten year old version of creator, Xavier Roberts. It was all a bit strange if we remember correctly – but they must be doing something right 39 years later.

7) Beanie Babies – Keep the tag on

Year: 1996-1998

What was it?: Beanie Babies were little animal teddy bear bean bags. Doesn’t sound all that exciting, we know. But these curious little teddies were big things in the collector’s world. In fact, this article in The Sun, suggests that rare versions of the toy have been sold for £20,000. You might want to check your attic to see if you have one lying around!