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Alternative Easter Gifts Under £5

Much like Christmas, Easter is an annual event with religious origins that’s celebrated by all. A couple of other things Easter has in common with Christmas are its popularity with children and, to health-conscious parents everywhere, the fact that it can be a total chocolate nightmare. If you’re getting a headache just thinking about the days it’ll take your kids to get down from the cocoa and sugar high, don’t despair. We’ve prepared a list of our favourite alternatives to those foil-covered calorie bombs. And, because it’s never just your own kids you have to buy for, we’ve kept our suggestions to £5 and under.

New Clothes

We’ll start off by sticking with tradition. As far back as medieval times, people have worn new clothes for Easter. In Christianity, it represents the ‘new life’ that Jesus’s resurrection meant for his followers. In these less religious times, it’s a good excuse to add an item or two to your little ones’ spring collection. In the interests of keeping costs down, it doesn’t have to be a full outfit. It also doesn’t have to be anything to do with Easter – especially if you want to up an item’s year-round wearability. Socks, pyjamas and t-shirts are a good place to start. With the changeable spring weather in mind, you could also think about hats, gloves and wellies.

Easter rabbit slippers Personally, we think these fluffy bunny slippers are thematically on-point and a super-cute bargain.


Eggcellent Ideas

Just because we want to cut back on chocolate, doesn’t mean we have to sidestep eggs altogether. The egg – the main symbol of Easter – represents everything from rebirth and fertility to the empty tomb of Jesus. Symbols aside, a soft-boiled egg is a wonderfully nutritious way for little ones to start their Easter Sunday. And what better way to tuck into your egg and soldiers than with your very own egg cup, or your own knife and fork?

Easter cutlery You can pick up this set of pint-sized cutlery for under a fiver. Check out that little spoon – definite Easter points there.

Something To Play With

What do kids love as much as chocolate? Toys! Take their minds off the sweets using the power of play. There are all sorts of cute, fun and cheap (pun intended) playthings you can pick up to keep their hands busy. If you want to go traditional, you can find a wide range of fluffy chicks and bunnies online. If you shop wisely, you could probably pick up a whole set for less than a fiver. For extra distraction points, why not ask your little ones to make up a story with their new toys and share it with the family?  

Egg bouncy balls If fuzzy chickens aren’t the answer, try something a bit wackier. We found this set of Funky Face Egg Bouncy Balls for just a couple of quid. The sound of ricocheting rubber might drive you crazy after a while, but if the weather’s good and you can let the kids loose outside, these eggs could buy you a precious minute of peace.


Reading and Watching

A big screen adaptation of Peter Rabbit hits cinemas on 16 March. But, as all parents know, a trip to the flicks is a quick way to burn through your cash. Keep the cost down and pick something from the huge selection of rabbit and chicken-themed books and DVDs out there.  

Peter Rabbit book The Tale of Peter Rabbit is a timeless kids’ classic you could read together. Other famous names getting in on the Easter act include Spot the Dog, Peppa Pig and The Mr Men.

  Or why not get cosy in front of a modern spin on the Easter Bunny with a movie like Hop? You could also try Chicken Little, Chicken Run or Rise of the Guardians.


Get Crafty

Kids of all ages love making things and Easter is a great excuse for them to flex their creative muscles. You might find school or nursery has beaten you to the punch when it comes to making a classic Easter bonnet or rabbit mask, but there’s plenty of other activities for them to get stuck into at home.  

Egg mosaic kit Depending on how much preparation (and clean up) you want to do, getting crafty could include everything from making pictures with egg-shaped crayons or Easter-themed stamps to building an Easter egg house or even carefully assembling a mosaic egg bauble!

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