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It’s time to switch off autopilot.  Change how you do something. Don’t do it that way because you always have. Ever wondered how you’ve done something as you have no recollection how you did it? I often drive to work and then wonder how I got there. That’s because we’re on autopilot. We’re not conscious of what we’re doing.

What is Autopilot Spender?

An Autopilot Spender is someone who buys things without thinking about it. We’re not talking about those big purchases, some thought does have to go into that. It’s the little things that you buy out of habit. These little habits can soon add up to a lot of unexpected expense.

Autopilot Buys

The much needed coffee

Do you need a morning coffee to be able to function for the rest of the day? Does your local coffee shop know your order off by heart? On average, coffee costs around £2.45, so over a year your coffee a day will cost £894.25. Why not save that cost and invest in a Thermos flask and make your own?

The all-important lunch

Buying your lunch offers you a variety of options to eat and it’s easier than making it the day before. But the problem is you could be spending £1,840 a year on lunches alone. Prepare your lunch for the week in one evening and save yourself some cash.

Treats, treats and more treats

We all like to treat ourselves once in a while but lots of little pick-me-ups can soon add up. Budget for a “treat” every month or put money to one side if you’re saving for something special. Sweet treats may be your guilty pleasure and they may come little and often. Be sure to keep a note of how much you’ve spent. You could even buy multi packs to keep it cheaper in the long run (unless you eat them all at once).

Easy life of shopping online

Shopping online seems to be trending. It’s quick and easy to get things you need without having to leave the house. You can store your card details and with one click you’ve bought your items. Stop! Before clicking the ‘Buy Now’ button, wait 24 hours. Ok, a bit extreme, but wait a few hours. Do you still want to buy the item once you’ve given it some thought?

Whilst it can be a pain, don’t store your card details online. This increases your security and gives you more thinking time.

An evening of gaming

You’re playing the game you love and up comes an app update. It’s a snap decision, you want to carry on playing your game but your only option is to pay. All apps should disclose information around the costs. To avoid these hidden costs be sure to read before downloading. If it looks like game will be too costly, is it worth downloading in the first place?

Conscious Spending

It’s easy to get into the habit of spending without thinking about it. The trick is to stop and think before you make any purchases and think. Being mindful on how much you spend will help you save money on expensive extras.

What things do you spend your money on? Share below!