Image of man cooking on a barbecue in the rain and people inside watching

Ahhh the summer is all about barbecues and enjoying the sunshine in the company of friends and family… unless it rains, then you’re left with a soggy garden and a house full of people.

If you’ve planned a barbecues and it now looks like it’s going to rain, never fear! We’re here to help you cook delicious food despite the weather.

Cook Under An Umbrella/Gazebo

Depending on the downfall you’re experiencing it might actually be fun to cook outside despite the weather. Your guests will obviously need to be inside, but if you have an umbrella or a gazebo- why not?! What’s more, some may argue it’s better to barbecue in the rain…

The Mains

Just because it’s raining doesn’t mean you can’t create BBQ culinary delights! Here’s where your grill, your slow cooker your oven step in.

Under the grill
You can cook BBQ staples such as burgers, chicken, fish and sausages under the grill. As you can pick up these staples from supermarkets, we’ve found some great marinade recipes instead.

ChickenWoman Magazine has not one but four chicken marinades which work well on either a barbecue or if you’re cooking using the oven.

FishAll Recipes has a great marinade for Tuna, which includes orange juice, soy source and garlic. Meanwhile, Jamie Oliver comes to the rescue with this easy recipe for Salmon

Pork & Steak

In the slow cooker
Your slow cooker can come in really handy when it comes to cooking BBQ essentials such as ribs and pulled pork. Fab recipes below

The BBC Good Food has a delicious recipe here. Whack all the ingredients listed in a slow cooker, give it eight hours et voila!

Pulled Pork


Alternatively, why not try cooking something new? Beer can chicken is succulent and delicious! There’s a recipe on how to do this on a BBQ here or how to cook in the oven here.

The Barbecue Flavour

It’s all well and good deciding to have a barby indoors, but what about the smoky flavours you can only get from cooking on coals?

Bacon– Cook smoky bacon on your grill first, then cook your burgers and other meats, which will pick up the smoky flavour from the bacon.

Paprika– Paprika has a naturally smoky flavour, so adding as seasoning to meat will give you that barbecue deliciousness you’re looking for.

Smoking Wood Chips– Add smoking wood chips to your grill pan. Check the packaging first as not all wood chips will be suitable for grill pans.

Smoked Sea Salt– Season food with smoked sea salt. You can buy this from most supermarkets.

The Sides

Most of the sides will take care of themselves as they’re easy to make. If you’re fed up of the usual suspects of salads, hummus and carrots, here are some delicious sides to try.

Paneer and Vegetable skewers. A veggie accompaniment these are easy to put together and add a touch of spice!

Mojito Watermelon. Not too heavy but adding a tasty and refreshing side to the meal!

Garlicky sweet potato fries. Healthier than normal fries and a lot tastier, we love sweet potato fries!

Boston baked beans. Smokey, sweet and a perfect accompaniment to burgers and chicken.

The Desserts

What barbecue would be complete without a delicious dessert to finish it off? Here are our faves!

Roasted Marshmallows
Need we say more? A campfire favourite, you can even cook these in the microwave or on the hob.

Chocolate Bananas
A delicious recipe you can cook on a barbecue or in the oven. The chocolate melts making a yummy dessert! The BBC Good Food has a great recipe.

Fruit Skewers
Choose any fruit of your liking, but strawberries and grapes work well. Place onto a skewer with marshmallows and dust with lemon juice. Add to the barbecue or grill for a few minutes either side. Take off the heat and dust with icing sugar.

Deliciously indulgent, a favourite from our American friends, including marshmallows and chocolate digestives. Once you’ve had one, you’ll want to know ‘is there more?!’ hence the name S’more!