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Beat the Heat for Free

Beat the Heat for Free

It's been a long time since we had a summer as hot, sweltering and sticky as this one. If, like the rest of us, you weren’t prepared for the exhausting humidity and heat, here are a few ideas on how to keep yourself and the rest of the family cool in these top temperatures.

Water, water and more water

This may seem obvious but the best thing you can do to cool down in this scorching sunshine is to drink plenty of cold water all through the day. You’ll lose more water than usual due to perspiration, so it’s great to keep those water levels topped up.

Studies have shown that regular cold showers throughout the day keep you cooler than one warm shower in the morning or evening. We dare you to jump into a cold shower for just thirty seconds every few hours to keep you wide awake and ready to take on the next challenge. Your oxygen levels, heart rate and overall cardiac function will be increased and the cold water can lower your blood pressure which will boost your immune system.

Want to use water in a fun way? Have a water fight outside to keep cool, stay refreshed and have a laugh.

Heatproof your house

Let cold air into the house by opening the windows as soon as the sun goes down, and keeping them open throughout the night. Close your windows in the morning to lock the cool air in, and draw the curtains to help keep the heat out. If there’s bright light streaming in, there’s a lot of heat coming with it, so the curtains will protect the room.

Fans are fantastic friends in this intense temperature. Put your fans to save on electricity whilst cooling down a room by stirring the air. Slower fans are more efficient (the amount of air that’s circulated in comparison to the speed the blade are moving) so save money by turning them down while still getting the benefits.

Nothing can turn an already hot room into a sauna quicker than a fiery oven or hob. Avoid cooking on these stifling days and try barbecuing, salads or no-cook meals instead.

If you’re struggling to sleep and becoming hot and bothered all through the night, try putting linen sheets on your bed. Linen is a highly breathable, absorptive and light natural fabric. It doesn’t cling and is known to carry heat away from the body, which is just what we need.

Kitchen heat

Keep yourself cool

Beat the heat and try to keep your body temperature down with some meditation. Try some deep breathing to keep you relaxed and less flustered all week long. You can also cool down and keep in shape with these great yoga and meditation exercises.

Choose loose fitting linen or cotton clothes to wear throughout the day to keep you cool and comfortable.

We all know the importance of wearing sunscreen every day. Even if it’s cloudy and cold, sunscreen protects us from those harmful UV rays. UVB rays cause sunburn and UVA rays can penetrate deep into the skin and cause long-term damage. Be sure to check your sunscreen bottle to ensure it has a five-star rating for 90 – 100% protection.

UVA Guide

It’s worth noting that the price of sunscreen doesn’t necessarily relate to its star rating, either. Check the bottle on both the cheaper versions and the more expensive to see which offers the best protection. You might be surprised which one comes out on top.

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