Backing the Bantams

As the Bradford City Vs Sunderland match approaches, our Provident Pundits, employees at Provident, talk about their passion for city.

Here, we speak to Tim Feather, a lifelong city fan, who tells us about the impact City has had on his life.

1. When did you become a supporter?

I became a real supporter at the age of 12/13 because that was when I could afford a season ticket! But I’ve been following them since I was 6, when they played Bury in 1996. City got promoted that season to division one which certainly helped my enthusiasm!

I then got a Saturday job which killed it, I couldn’t watch the match. But I would sneakily listen at work, I’d always have my phone on me so my friends could text me the results- sometimes I didn’t want to know but you still love your team and you’d do the same the week after!

2. What was the first match you ever saw?

The Bury match, Edinho was sent off and remember this because he was the only Brazilian that ever played for BCFC.
My Dad and older brother would take me to matches.

3. The best goal you ever saw from BCFC?

The goal scored by James Hansen against Aston Villa. It wasn’t a particularly spectacular goal, it’s the fact that it got us to the league cup final. City was in the bottom division and we made it to Wembley final, the first time a club in that league did that.
4. Who is the best BCFC player – now and ever?

Stuart McCall. He had two spells at City, he was captain when we got promoted and he was also a Manager of the team. As a manager he held everyone together and was a great all round player.

5. Who is your favourite BCFC player ever?

Stuart McCall, for the reasons given above. I would also say Billy Knott. He lets the game flow, he’s a joy to watch. When he gets substituted you can see how tired he is, but then when he scores you can see how much it means to him. He leaves the game on the pitch too.

6. How does being a city fan affect your life?

Well, I don’t have Saturdays! When we beat Chelsea I was inundated with messages on social media, when things like that happen the joy lasts for weeks. If we do well I have a good week but if we do badly I have a bad week.

7. What is the best thing about being a city fan?

The joy of it. The things we’ve done over the last three years have been amazing. We made the league cup final, we’ve beaten Chelsea and Leeds, we’ve been promoted to league one. When you’re at the stadium and something good happens, you’re hugging the people around you who you don’t even know. It brings the community together.

8. What will be the score on the 15th against Sunderland?

2-1, we can do this! Being away won’t help Sunderland and we can play this to our advantage. I’m looking forward to it. Going back to Wembley would be awesome too, even if it’s just for the semi final.

9. How excited are you about the future for BCFC?

Extremely excited. We’ve had our downs and we’re on our way up now. It might not be this season that we go up but we’ll get there. City manager Phil Parkinson said: ‘Bradford City are a championship club. My job is to get us there and I won’t stop until I do.’ I believe that.

10. You have the stage, talk about your love affair with BCFC! Lowest point, highest point, biggest regret etc?

Regret– I couldn’t go to Chelsea. Instead I had 5ive Live and Pulse on the radio, Sky Sports on the TV, it was like my own match epicentre. My family all came around and we listened to the radio together. It did mean I had some time with the family though which was good. We might have our differences but when it comes to football we all agree- Bradford City are the best!

Highest point– When we went to Wembley

Lowest Point– when we had a 1-1 draw with Morecambe (or was it Fleetwood?) on a Tuesday night. You’ve been at work all day and then your team doesn’t win. But you always go back for more!