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Can You Go A Day Without Spending Money?

Can You Go A Day Without Spending Money?

If you’re already fed up of buying Christmas presents and running around, elbowing people out of the way in shops and feeling completely unappreciated by family, Buy Nothing Day may be for you.


The 30th November is international Buy Nothing Day, a day protesting against the consumerism of the season. It’s not anti Christmas, just the spending frenzy people get worked up into at this time of year. Read more here.


So we have put together some handy hints on how to have a Buy Nothing Day, as well as putting together simple free (ish) treats for pampering yourself and having some well earned ‘me’ time.


As with most things to do with money, the first tip is to plan your Buy Nothing Day. Plan your meals and buy items in advance to ensure that on the day you don’t spend a penny and your free pampering really is free!


Paint Nails

Look through your nail varnish collection and find a shade you’ve not worn for a while. Why not take this one step further, bathing your hands in warm water and soap before moisturising them and then paint your nails. A mini manicure in the home and free pampering made easy!

Pamper Yourself With Face Masks

Why not make your own face mask and create the Spa experience at home? For a list of recipe ideas, click here, give yourself half an hour to relax.

Take A Bath

When was the last time you just had a nice long bath and soaked for a while? Make sure someone’s watching the kids (or wait until they’re at school) then treat yourself to a long soak. Moisturise afterwards for a pampered feel.


Although unconventional, research shows meditation cuts stress and lowers the amounts of stress hormone in the body. Read more here, or learn about meditation techniques here.

Watch Trash TV

Whatever your guilty pleasure, whether it’s a bit of Real Housewives or The Kardashians, go crazy. Watch whatever you want on TV and don’t feel guilty, today’s all about you and your me time!


What problem can’t be solved with some chocolate? Treat yourself to a bar and enjoy without the guilt. The calories don’t count today- honest! Alternatively eat an apple after, or go for a short walk to cancel out the calories.

Kids Wash Up/Cook

Ah gone are the good old days where people thought nothing of giving a child a pickaxe and shoving them down the coal mines for twelve hours a day....Today’s about pampering you, so get the kids to cook or to wash up tonight. If they complain, tell them about the Victorians!

Free Treats For Kids

Not everyone can get childcare when they fancy having some ‘me’ time, so here are some fun things to do with the kids which are free, simple and easy.

Park- Walk Through Leaves

One of life’s little pleasures is walking through the leaves when they’ve fallen from the trees. Take your kids out for a walk, get them to collect pretty leaves and have a general run around.

Splash In Puddles

If it’s raining- even better! Get your water proofs on, get the kids in their wellies then go out and splash around. See if you can find the biggest puddle and even join in the fun- you may find your inner child!

Free Events

Netmums have compiled a list of the best free activities in your area, as voted by by netmums readers. Check it out and see what you can do. Having a Buy Nothing Day is easy if you plan in advance and follow our simple steps. Hopefully you’ll be ready for the Christmas rugby scrum after a day of free pampering.


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