Cardboard Creations For Rainy Days

A few weeks ago we posted this picture of a kitchen made entirely from cardboard boxes.

colourful child's kitchen made from cardboard boxes


With the summer holidays quickly approaching, we wondered what else could you make for your kids to keep them entertained on the inevitable rainy days of a British summer? Don’t forget, you can let us know your ideas too!


Let their imaginations run wild as you create planes, cars, boats or spaceships from the humble cardboard box.







Redtri have a great article about making your own Spaceship.

Fancy Dress

You can create some great fancy dress costumes with a couple of cardboard boxes and a lick of paint!



This article from Adventure in a box tells you all you need to know about creating a Dinosaur from a cardboard box.



Instead of playing with the boxes, let your imagination fly free and create a place where adventures can happen with ideas for a playhouse, fort, kitchen or even a whole town!



Instructables have this fab article which explains how to create your very own cardboard fort!



You can either create a mini town for your kids to run around like this article from CT Working Moms or a mini town which your kids can drive their cars around and build buildings, like this mum did with her kids on The Imagination Tree.


Let your kids blow off steam by creating a giant maze or ball pool for them to explore!


Ball Pool

Just fill the cardboard box full of balls and let the fun happen!

Imagination Boosters

If you want to keep your kids entertained for hours, create a shadow puppet theatre with a cardboard box, straws and a lamp, as shown below.

Puppet Theatre


The Box Yourself channel has some great ideas for crafts with cardboard boxes.

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