Dog hanging out of car window


It’s no secret that being the proud owner of a cat or a dog comes at a price. Food, vet bills, grooming and kennels can all rack up cost, and if recent research by the People’s Dispensary for Sick Animals (PDSA) is accurate, it could be more than you think.

The Guardian published the report, which claims that lifetime ownership of a dog is between £21,000 and £33,000, depending on size and breed – just imagine all the bills you pay off with that!

We recently carried out our own survey of 2,000 UK cat and dog owners and discovered that for many animal lovers, the cost goes further than everyday living expenses. 56% of cat owners complained their feline furball had damaged their sofa, while 47% of dog owners admitted their faithful companion had ruined their carpets or upholstery!


Funny dog and cat playing with toilet paper


But, it would seem the costs are worth it, as Britain still appears to be a proud nation of animal lovers.

Our research agreed: 64% of dog owners boasted about their hound by regularly uploading photos of their prized pooch onto Facebook, while 53% of cat owners do the same. 7% of the pet owners we surveyed even go as far as to create social media pages dedicated to their pet.

But, what about those pets who ended up with public notoriety for all the wrong reasons? Like racking up thousands in damage, or causing massive disruption.

Here are six of our favourite dogs and cats who have hit the headlines, and gathered enough column inches and YouTube hits to give the Kardashians a run for their money.

1. Creative husky causes havoc at home… in the name of art

A bored husky left alone for three hours while his owners took a trip to the cinema found a creative way to pass his time. After stumbling across a calligraphy set, he proceeded on a path of destruction, leaving his inky black paw prints everywhere.

2.Yogi the dog leaves a feathery path of destruction


Badly Behaved Dog Ripping Up Cushion At Home


A bartender from Stockport came home to discover her beloved dog Yogi was not in his usual spot at the window waiting for her one Friday. When she walked into the house, it soon became apparent why. Following a path of feathers, she discovered Yogi cowering in the living room with a guilty expression, having munched his way through her sofa seat cushion!

3.Pack of stray dogs destroys car

When a mechanic returned to his Toyota Corolla parked up in the Turkish province of Sakarya, he was left asking ‘Who let the dogs out?’ when he found his car had been savaged by a pack of strays.

CCTV footage revealed the canine clan ripping off the bonnet, and damaging the body work to the tune of £1,300! To this day, it’s not clear whether the pesky pooches believed there to be a cat or some ‘Scooby Snacks’ hidden inside.

4. He shoots, he scores, he barks!

From Gazza’s tears to Beckham’s temper tantrum, England’s World Cup history is littered with iconic moments. But, the 1962 tournament is often remembered more for an uninvited canine guest than its players.

During the quarter final match between England and Brazil, the cheeky mutt disrupted the game by running onto the pitch before being retrieved by Jimmy Greaves. The dog stole the hearts of Brazil, and that of star player Garrincha, who adopted the stray as a pet.

5. Dogs hit the shops… quite literally

A dog lover in West Virginia thought she was doing the right thing by leaving her car engine running to cool down her dogs as she popped into Walmart. How wrong could she be? The mischievous mutts somehow managed to get the car into gear and sent it crashing into the store entrance. Luckily, no pets (or people) were harmed in the incident, and the pesky pair were sent straight to the dog house with no treats.

6. The only thing this cat breaks is records

Born with dwarfism and an underbite giving her a distinctive scowl, Tardar Source became an overnight social media sensation and was reborn as ‘Grumpy Cat.’ Within days of hitting the web, her owner, Tabatha Bundesen, was able to quit her waitress job in order to run the cat’s feline empire.Having made an estimated £80m in just a few years, by selling books, pet food, t-shirts, a film and even coffee, Grumpy Cat has probably earned more money than singer Ed Sheeran and has already won a lifetime achievement award.