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Broke? Learn how to make some money to tide you over

Could You Be Paid To Shop? 9 Ways To Make Money

If you’re still struggling to pay off Christmas and need a way to make some money, we have ideas on simple ways to make some extra cash.

Make Money On The Internet

There are plenty of places online where you can make a bit of extra cash, check out our list below. Note: If you don’t want to sell things online, we have tips further down on how to make money without using the net.  

1. Sell Items

If you have any items you're not using, why not sell them online? Clothing, electricals, even pet cages are all items you can get rid of. Look at sites such as:   eBay   Music Magpie   We Buy Books   Alternatively, check out CeX and jewellery shops on the high street to get rid of old electricals and games, as well as old jewellery you don't wear anymore.  


Before you get started on eBay, you'll need to provide them with:


  • A valid credit card/debit card/bank account
  • Select accepted payment methods you'll take from people who want to buy your things



PayPal enables you to make and collect payments for items bought online. In order to sell items on eBay, you must first have a PayPal account. PayPal uses industry leading technology in order to keep personal information safe. Like anything, however, it is open to abuse. Read more about protecting yourself from fraud and scams, or read this article on keeping personal data safe.


Things To Bear In Mind   There is a seller fee- a fee charged by eBay to sell your items online. To find out how much you’ll be charged, click here.  

Music Magpie

Music Magpie not only accepts music, but clothing, electricals and much more. Click here for a full range. All you do is enter a description of each product- sometimes you just need to enter in the bar code for items such as DVDs and CDs. Music Magpie will then give you a valuation of these products. If you accept the evaluation, you send your items to Music Magpie or drop them off at one of Music Magpie’s local send shops. If you’re posting your items to Music Magpie, there’s no charge for postage. Once Music Magpie have accepted your package they'll pay you in one of three ways: a bank transfer, cheque, e-vouchers or will even donate the money to charity.


Things To Bear In Mind  

  • All the items must be in full working order, the cases structurally sound and the disks unscratched
  • The items must include all the original packaging


We Buy Books

We Buy Books works in a similar way to Music Magpie, you enter your books ISBN barcode into the website and they estimate a price for the items. Once you have accepted this, you print off their free prepaid postage and send off your items. Once We Buy Books have received your items, they'll send you the money.


Things To Bear In Mind   The books need to be in a good condition in order for them to be accepted. This means the books must not be torn, smell of cigarettes or have been written in by the owner. For a full list of what We Buy Books will not accept, click here.  

2. Competitions

Entering competitions could see you win items such as holidays, cars and much more. There are many sites dedicated to enabling you to enter competitions online:  



Things To Bear In Mind   Whilst the rewards to entering competitions are great, it is very time consuming. Always check the competition terms and conditions before entering.  

3. Surveys & Market Research

Your opinions matter, so why not make money from them? Somewhere, someone wants to know what you think of lipsticks, TV or even what you buy at the supermarket. Some won’t pay cash, but will pay you in vouchers, so make sure you read the terms and conditions carefully in order to understand what you’re getting. A few survey sites include:  



Alternatively, why not review products? Reviews for music or cosmetics are always needed. Check out these sites for more information:  


Things To Bear In Mind   You may have to pay for the handling and shipping of the products. Some may charge a fee for joining, needless to say, do not join these sites. There are plenty of free sites to join.  

4. Sell Photos

Can you take a good picture? Can you look at a landscape and find a new angle or see something different to other people? Your creative flare may make you extra money.  



Things To Bear In Mind   When selling images online you're not selling the actual photograph, but the permission to use it. Different companies will have different clauses regarding copyright. Make sure you understand where you are with regards to copyright and how you'll be paid. There are also many different rules and regulations with regards to rights to photography and photographs of people or places. If unsure, you may wish to speak to a lawyer. 


Make Money Without The Internet


5. Car Boot Sales

Get rid of your clutter and make extra money. Haggling skills are essential if you’re going to make money- just don’t come back with more than you went with!   Things To Bear In Mind   Get there early to set up- you don’t want people grabbing at your goods before it’s all on display! Keep an eye on stock and know how much you want for each item, and brush up on your haggling skills. Many customers will expect to haggle for items so be confident in how much you're asking for each item and be prepared to drop prices.  

6. Old Jewellery

If you have jewellery that’s broken or that you never wear, you may be able to get money for it. Any jewellers and retailers will buy old gold jewellery, it’s a case of shopping around and seeing what can be done.


Things To Bear In Mind   Jewellers are more interested in the gold than the stones set within them. Therefore you may not be getting any money for the stones, just the value of the gold. Get an idea of how much your gold is worth before you approach a jeweller. Shop around and be prepared to haggle to get the best deal. Which? has more information.  

7. Rent Out Your Home

If you own your own home why not rent it out? TV companies are always looking for locations for programmes and will pay for the use of either the outside or inside of your home. Many people need storage space, so if you have a garage or shed you’re not using, then why not rent out the space? Parking spaces in cities are hard to come by. If you have a driveway or space outside your home you’re not using during the day then see if someone else can- and pay you for the privilege.   Things To Bear In Mind   Companies which use your home for filming should have insurance to do so. Whilst most companies will not cause damage to your home, accidents happen and you should know who needs to repair the damage!  

8. Secret Shopper/ Mystery Shopper

If you’ve always fancied becoming a secret agent but don’t like the danger why not become a secret shopper? Mystery shopping is full of subterfuge with no chance of any physical harm. Judge shops on the experience and their products then report back to them.  



Things To Bear In Mind   To be a mystery shopper you must be able to work to deadlines and complete the tasks given in the time given. You also need to be able to think on your feet so your true identity is not revealed!  


9. Become An Extra

Your face could be your latest commodity. Who wouldn’t want to see your face on TV? If you fancy walking into a shop, or standing at a bus stop and getting paid for it, then why not become an extra for the day?  



Things To Bear In Mind   Being an extra can sometimes be boring- you’ll be standing around on set a lot with not much to do. In winter it can be also be cold- especially when you’re stood outside for a long time! Most of these ideas are not quick fixes and require some time. However, hopefully you’ve picked up some tips to generate some cash when you need it most!    


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