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Easy Baking Recipes To Enjoy With The Kids

Getting the kids involved in baking can keep them occupied (especially on a rainy day!), so we’ve pulled together some simple and tasty recipes that you can bake together. Make sure you have plenty of sprinkles and edible decorations for them to get creative! There are a number of kids food bloggers posting about the recipes they have created and the tasty treats they have made. Why not try one of their recipes and put your own twist on it?

Cake mix

Sometimes simple is best. Most supermarkets will sell pre-packaged cake mix where all you need to do is add basic cupboard staples including eggs, milk or water to the mix - easy peasy! This video shows you how to bake a simple cake from a cake mix, that’s easy for kids to follow. Make sure they are supervised at all times!


These chocolate and hazelnut cookies from BBC Good Food are easy to make and a food processor does most of the hard work for you. Why not substitute the hazelnut sauce for warm nutella instead? Getting messy is all part of the fun. Have a go at the cookie recipe in the video below?


With only 10 minutes preparation time these vanilla cupcakes are quick and easy and the decoration possibilities are endless! Think hundreds & thousands, sugar pearls, chocolate sprinkles and more! 

Mug cakes

The latest fuss-free baking trend cake trend to sweep the nation is microwaved mug cakes. Simply pop all of your ingredients in a large mug, stir thoroughly and place in the microwave for the required time on the recipe. Ta da! In a couple of minutes it’s all ready - great for impatient kids! Here are some of our favourites.

Homemade pizza

If the kids fancy something savoury to tickle their taste buds why not make some homemade pizzas? Most large supermarkets should sell ready-made pizza bases, simply pick up some tomato passata and grated mozzarella for ease - the kids can put on their favourite toppings and watch them cook! If you want to be even more homemade, you could make the pizza base from scratch. The dough in this recipe does not need to be proven so you can be chopping up your toppings in the five minute rest time.


As we’ve learnt from bread week on Bake Off, bread is a very difficult thing to get right! This healthy flowerpot bread recipe will teach your kids how bread is made – try sprinkling them with their favourite seeds or nuts for a healthier alternative. Paul Hollywood has said that his love for baking came from cooking in the kitchen with his parents as a child. Who knows, your little one might be a future contestant on the Great British Bake Off!

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