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Food You Can Cook Inside Pumpkins


Pumpkin season is nearly upon us, but instead of finding recipes for left over pumpkin (we’ve already covered that here), instead we’ve found recipes for food you can cook or present inside Pumpkins. These make great centre pieces for meals or just add seasonal fun to meal times! Plus, as Pumpkin is in season, it’s a relatively cheap meal too. Some of these recipes are American, so you may find this measurement converter useful.


1) Pumpkin Biryani

The UK’s national dish is curry so it’s only right we feature this first! It's warm, it's spicy and includes delicious pumpkin- what else do you need for these colder days?! BBC Good Food has an excellent recipe here which you then serve inside the pumpkin.


2) Pumpkin Stuffed With Bread, Cheese, Garlic and Cream

Melted cheese- one of the ultimate comfort foods! This dish is sure to get the taste buds tingling and warm your cockles! Epicurious has provided this recipe give it a go!

3) Baked Pumpkin

Jamie Oliver offers us his baked pumpkin recipe here- note though, it’s not just a baked pumpkin recipe, it’s the best baked pumpkin recipe, with nutty, fruity rice.

4) Pumpkin Soup

If you’re looking for a really easy dish which requires nearly no prep, this Pumpkin soup recipe from Pure Wow is just the ticket! One of the ultimate comfort foods for October, get the heating on and get wrapped up warm whilst you enjoy this dish.

5) Pumpkin Cheese Dip

This fab recipe from Farm Flavor is baked and served in a pumpkin. This dish is ideal with French bread or tortilla crisps.

6) Pumpkin Ratatouille

A simple and healthy recipe from Food.com can be served in a pumpkin- find out how to cook your pumpkin first here.

7) Pumpkin Risotto

BBC Good Food gives you this Italian recipe which serves four and is child friendly too, perfect if you need to keep your kids occupied!

8) Pumpkin Stew

You know winter’s on its way when you dust off the slow cooker and start making stew. Cooked and served in the pumpkin, this Pumpkin stew recipe offers the ultimate in comfort foods and seasonal eating. Taste of Home's recipe takes a while but is well worth the wait!

9) Pumpkin Crème Brule

This fab video from Kitchen Lab shows you how to make a Crème Brule inside a pumpkin. A delicious dessert with a seasonal twist!


10) Pumpkin Mousse

A really simple dessert to put it together, plus serve in a mini pumpkin for maximum wow factor! The Food Network gives us this great recipe.    


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