Provident Freshen Up Your Living Room


Decorating your home from scratch can cost well into the hundreds, sometimes thousands, so it’s easy to understand why many of us choose to put up with our tired looking décor for so long.

We’ve pulled together some top tips that will help you give your living space a new lease of life, for less.

Add A Little Greenery

The vibrant colour of plants and flowers will freshen up any living space – they also act as a fantastic natural air freshener! Head to your local garden centre or supermarket for the latest seasonal picks, there are usually great seasonal offers to take advantage of.

orange flowers next to a charcoal sofa

Recycle Everyday Items

Glass bottles make ideal vases for plants and flowers, and can be picked up from most homeware stores such as Ikea for as little as a pound! Place old books and magazines in small piles by the fireplace and coffee table, not only will they look charming, it might encourage you to pick up and read instead of watching TV!

coloured glass bottles

Practise The Art Of Feng Shui

The Chinese have got it sussed with their system of harmonising with their surrounding environment. Try rearranging the position of your furniture – you might be surprised at how simply moving a few things around changes the feel of the room, creating a wonderful space to relax in.

beige sofas with green cushions

Branch Out On Your Colour Palette

If you’re interested in giving the walls a fresh lick of paint, why not try a colour that you wouldn’t usually go for? Greys, light blues and soft pastel shades work perfectly for living spaces. If you’re not feeling that adventurous, opt for creamy hues that will feel bright even on the dullest days.

different coloured paints on a plan

Use Soft Furnishings To Add Personality

Cushions and throws are fantastic additions to any living space and will immediately add a cosy feel to the room. Stores such as Dunelm and Wilko are ideal for picking up a bargain!

red, beige and gold cushions on a black leather sofa

Make It Yourself

Why not try a DIY craft project? It’s the perfect way to spend a rainy day and a fun activity for the kids to get involved in. Try making your own cushions, spray-painting an old mirror, or creating your own lanterns using candles and mason jars. There are lots of great ideas on Pinterest that will bring out your thrifty side!

Turn Something Old Into Something New

Vamp up your living room by up-cycling an old piece of furniture. You could try creating an Ottoman from an old coffee table, or making a plant pot from an old lampshade.



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