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Get Fit For Free


This summer is all about sports, but if you’re looking to get active with your little one without spending lots of money, we have some great ways to get fit and active without spending a penny! Note: always speak to your Doctor before you try any new exercise regime.


If you’re looking to get active but don’t want to go all out, why not go for a walk? All you need is a comfy pair of shoes and you’re good to go. Take the kids and get chatting about everything and anything, you never know what you might end up discussing!

Shake Your Jelly

Get a favourite album on and have a boogie to your favourite tunes, dancing is a great way to get fit and it’s a load of fun. Alternatively, learn iconic dance routines using tutorials on YouTube!

Get Off Early

If you use public transport to get to and from work, why not get off a stop early and walk the rest of the way? It’s a great way to get some extra exercise without it interrupting your day too much.

Wii Fit

Remember your Wii Fit in the corner? Maybe it’s time to dust this beauty off and get reacquainted with Yoga, Boxercise and even go running. With the added bonus that it tracks your progress, it’s handy if you’re looking to get fit without spending money.

On Yer Bike

Remember the bike that’s in the garage that you haven’t touched since 1990? Dig it out and take it out for a ride! Halfords provide a free bike health check. Simply bob into your local Halfords store with your chosen bike and their experts will look at it. Compared to jogging, cycling is low impact which means it is easier on your joints and there's less risk of injury. Alternatively, look at the cycle to work scheme, a scheme set up to encourage more people to cycle to work. As part of the scheme you could save at least 25% on a new bike to spread the cost. 


Some local councils offer free swimming for children of a certain age. Take your kids to the pool and let them splash around! Alternatively, the Dive In campaign from Speedo offers adults a free 60 minute swim session between May and October this year to help improve their front crawl.


There are many health benefits to gardening including stress relief, exercise and improving hand strength. You and your kids can start a flower or veggie patch together. Plus, you may get your kids interested in eating fresh veggies if they're helping you grow them!


The trampoline in your back garden isn’t just for the kids. Using a trampoline is great as its low impact and burns calories, but most importantly it’s fun! You can set up ‘healthy’ competition with your kids to see who can last the longest and even have a ‘trampoline off’ where you copy each other’s moves and add an extra one on the end! Remember, for health and safety reasons, one person should use a trampoline at once.

Park Life!

Your local park is a hive of activity and a brilliant place to start if you want to get fit for free. Here are just some suggestions on how you can use your local park.


Jog On- Why not see if your local park has a parkrun on a Saturday? This is a free to join 5K run. All you need to do is register here print out your barcode and parkrun will track your run, including how long you take and how you do compared to others in your age range. Children are welcome to take part and some even have a junior parkrun for the younger ones. Once you’re really good, you can go round twice and do a 10K!


If you’re not ready for a 5K yet, why not check out the NHS’s Couch to 5K which gives you a weekly guide to get you fit and active.


Outside gyms- Some parks have outside gym equipment with instructions on how to use them. Read the instructions carefully then give it a go. You and your kids could even invite friends along and work out together in a new environment.


Play sports- Remember using your jumpers as goal posts in the park? There’s no reason the football games of your youth can’t come back to you now. Take your kids or get a few people together and play a football game- have a run around, get fit and have fun! If you’re not a football fan, why not play Cricket, Rounder’s or even baseball?


Google It

There are plenty of free workout regimes available online. Read them through carefully and check how reputable the website is before you decide on a routine. Alternatively, YouTube has a range of work out routines for you to follow. Again, read reviews and comments before committing and don’t go for something too strenuous too quickly.


Skimble's Workout Trainer- Enter your fitness goals and the app gives you workouts to help you achieve these.


Johnson & Johnson Official 7 Minute Workout App If you can't spare 7 minutes for a workout there's no hope! This app comes with 72 exercises and 1,000 variations so you'll feel like you have a personal trainer!


Sworkit- Short for Stop procrastinating and simply work it. Select which part of your body you want to work on and create your own workout. The app includes video instruction and audio cues.    


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