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Hacks To Stay Warm This Winter

It can be hard to stay warm when it gets chilly outside, so we’ve got a few life hacks for you to get cosy at home at little or no cost.


Wearing lots of layers is the easiest and cheapest way to stay warm without needing to turn the heating on full blast. Wear running leggings or tights under your trousers as its quality not quantity that counts! When you’re relaxing on the sofa, try putting your dressing gown on backwards so it feels like more of a snug blanket! Layering up your bed is also a great idea. Put blankets and even extra duvets on your bed for extra warmth - if you get too warm, simply fold the top layers down.


Take advantage of body heat and snuggle up to a loved one to keep warm. Our furry friends can also do the trick – if you’re comfortable with it, let your pet sleep on your bed and their body heat will quickly warm you up. Just hope they don’t take advantage and spread out too much!

Get Cooking

Not only does it provide a healthy and tasty meal, but homemade soup can really hit the spot on a cold winter’s night and it’s really simple to make. Try this simple cauliflower and roasted red pepper soup from Pinterest to warm your cockles! You can also try a spot of baking and open the oven door after cooking to release the heat to the house (just make sure you have turned the oven off completely), or treat yourself to a lovely hot chocolate!

Keep The Heat In The House

Put rugs on bare floors to keep the room more insulated and close the doors of rooms that aren’t in use. Open the curtains when the sun is out to use natural energy to warm your house without the need for radiators. Draft excluders stop cold air getting in and if you don’t have one there are some lovely ideas here on a DIY version that you can match to your home décor.

Wear Wool

Sheep’s wool keeps the body at an even temperature as it insulates rather than traps heat. Maybe that jumper from Granny doesn’t seem so bad after all! To keep your feet toasty, here’s a DIY idea to create wool insoles for your slippers.

Keep Moving

Whilst keeping still when it’s cold seems like the easier option, keeping your body moving creates heat. Perhaps try yoga or some gentle exercise to ensure you don’t get too chilly.

Make The Most Of Your Radiators

Put a layer of tinfoil behind any radiators to reflect the heat back into the room. Be careful not to use anything else as that would be a fire hazard! Plan ahead and put your towel on the radiator for when you get out of the bath or shower so you can wrap yourself up – there is no better feeling! Why not put your clothes for the next day on the radiator too?

Hot Water Bottles

Last but not least, there is the trusty hot water bottle. Put one in your bed 5-10 minutes before getting in, making sure the cover is securely on and your bed will be lovely and toasty ready for when you hit the hay. Do you have any tips for staying warm this winter? Share them on our Facebook and Twitter pages!    

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