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How To Haggle

Here's How To Pay Less For Stuff!

When it comes to buying big items are you happy to pay the upfront costs, or are you constantly trying to get the best deal? Many people are prepared to shop around for the best bargains, but would you be prepared to haggle?


According to GoCompare* 53% of people have haggled for a bargain, with 89% doing so successfully. Around the globe, haggling is expected. If you’ve been shopping on holiday the chances are you’d be expected to haggle for your souvenirs, so why are we British so shy when it comes to money?


We’ve collected some tips on how to haggle for items and get the best deals for your items.


Before going into a store to haggle, do your research. Go around the high street and check out the best prices out there. Make a note of all prices and packages available. Then go online and do more research. The more information you have to hand, the more prepared you are to challenge shop prices.  

Decide What You Want

Look at the packages offered and see what you want and don’t want. For example, some stores may offer free wall brackets with their TVs- is this important to you?  

Decide What You Can Afford To Pay

Using your research, have the ideal price you’d be prepared to pay (ie the lowest), the price you definitely won’t pay and then a price you could afford to pay if the shop refused to haggle further. It’s also worth getting print outs of the prices you’ve found online so you have proof as to what other shops are charging. Go into the shop armed with this information and stick to it.  

Choose Your Timing

Don’t go into the store when there are a lot of people about and it’s busy. Sales staff won’t want to spend their time negotiating with you when there are plenty of other people around. Instead, go first thing in the morning when it’s quieter. If you’re looking for a car, the best time to go is at the end of the month, when sales targets are drawing near. Sales people are a lot more open to giving discounts when they have sales targets to meet!  

Speak To The Right People

Don’t waste your time on sales staff that don’t have the authority to give you a discount. Tell them what product you’re interested in but that the price isn’t quite right- is there someone you could speak to in order to talk about this?  

Look For Items Already On Sale

Items which are already on sale may be stock the shop wants to get rid of and therefore they may be open to offers.  

Look For Faults

If you spot any faults on the product use this to negotiate a further discount.  

Play One Shop Off Against Another

This is time consuming but can be worthwhile. Speak to one shop about the best deal they can do, then speak to another shop and see if they can either match it or better it. If they can better it, go back to the original shop with the new offer and see if they can match it or better it. Be careful not to push your luck too far though!  

What Else Can You Get?

Ask the sales person if they can throw in any freebies. You never know, this could be better than a discount!  

Offer Cash

Let the salesperson know that if you can come to an agreement, they can have a sale today. This will show them that you’re serious about buying the item.  

Be Firm, But Not Aggressive

You already know what your ideal price, your settle price and your ‘definitely won’t be paying that’ price is for the item is. Be firm about what you want to spend but don’t be aggressive.  

Be Personable

Use humour and develop a relationship with the sales person. If you can connect as people, you’re much more likely to get a good deal.  

If The Price Isn’t Right- Walk Away

Be prepared to walk away if the price they offer isn’t right. Go to another shop and see if they are open to negotiation. If not, it may be that you’re asking for too much money off or expecting too much. Re- evaluate your tactics and try again. Have you haggled for any products? Let us know how you got on and how much you saved!   *http://www.gocompare.com/press-office/2013/09/haggle-to-keep-costs-down/

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