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We could write loads of articles about budgeting – we could suggest the best ways to manage your money, how to budget effectively and maybe tell you what you already know. We know for our customers, budgeting is a way of life. Everyone budgets. So here, we’ve asked you to tell us how you budget…

Emma, Leeds

Emma has faced financial difficulties since the break down of her marriage- struggling to provide a home for her two small children on one income. After battling with debt for a number of years, she tells us how she manages her money.

I now budget all my money with a specialist bank account and I don’t have any other bank accounts. The minute my money goes into the account all my direct debits go out before I even see the balance on my account from my wage. I’ve got an A account which is my money that I can spend and then the B account which is the bills account.

I’ve got a book and I write down every bill that comes out of my household from when I get paid so I can’t miss a bill. It’s written down and then it’s ticked off and I write ‘paid’ by the side of it so I know it’s paid. I don’t spend anything on my bank account until I know everything’s been paid.

I write the list for my shopping and it has to be what I need and then I’ll write the price next to it and calculate it all up. I add an extra five pounds onto it just in case for price differences, but usually I’m not wrong.


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Anna, Leeds

Like Emma, Anna has also struggled with debt, finally managing to clear it once she had sold her home due to a change in circumstances. Here she tells us how she got into debt and how she now manages her money.

I just got into debt because I was helping other people out, like my sons. Now I’ve cleared the debts up so I feel better and I can sort my finances out.


I manage my money on a monthly basis because I get paid on a monthly basis. I set everything up on a direct debit, so that before I even touch my wage, everything’s taken out of it and it’s paid, so I know that I’m not panicking that I have to pay things.


Once I get paid, I know that whatever’s left is mine. I draw it out and we go to Asda weekly and just take so much money. I always pay by cash.


I don’t have a card because I can’t get a card but I’m happy to be with the building society. That way I know that I can only spend with what I’ve got, without having visas or anything like that.


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Marion, Leeds

Marion manages her money very closely. Here she tells us how.

I pay by direct debit, it’s just my mortgage that I pay once a month over the phone as I don’t get paid on the same day each month, and it would cost me to change it to the first of the month with my other direct debits. It’s easier for me to just ring them when I get paid and pay it off with my debit card. Everything else that’s left in the bank I tend to take out, leave maybe about £10, £15 or £20 in for emergencies and what’s left I just work with that and when that’s gone, it’s gone.