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School Uniforms Cost A Fortune- Make Them Last Longer!


The kids have been packed off with their brand new (clean) uniforms, only for them to look like they've been dragged through a hedge backwards two days later.

A study for Family Action found the average annual cost is now £156 for a child at primary school and £285 for a child at secondary school. Some schools demanded parents spend £98 on coats, £89 for blazers and £27 for jumpers.*

Handy Hints

Uniforms don’t come cheap, so here are a few tips on keeping them looking brand spanking new!

1: Don’t Let Your Kids Out

OK, we’re being a bit too protective of the uniform here. What we really mean is that although it seems obvious; don’t let your kids play out in their school uniforms. This will ensure that the uniforms will only be under attack from grass stains, concrete and general wear and tear between the hours of 8am and 3pm.  

2: Keep Whites White

We all know kids shirts won’t stay white for long, so here’s a handy hint to keep them whiter than white. Get a bucket of lukewarm water, add an oxygen bleach and soak for 24 hours. Ta dah!  

3: Turn Inside Out

To avoid extra wear and tear in the washing machine, or to preserve colours, turn clothing inside out before washing.  

4: Brrrrrr!

Wash school uniforms in cold water, rather than hot. Hot water can damage clothing fibres and shrink clothes too.  

5: Feeling Hot, Hot, Hot!

Don’t over dry your kids clothing in a tumble dryer. Keep them on a short cycle and remove as soon as they’re dry, perhaps if they’re still a bit damp. This way they’re not dried out and damaged.  

6: Restore Fading Colours

To restore dark colours, try adding a strong coffee or tea to your rinse water. This restores the colours making them as good as new!  

7: Storage

Store your clothing in a cool, dark place. Sunlight can fade and even weaken fabrics.  

8: Rotate

Although this seems obvious, if your kids are wearing a shirt every day, buy a couple of shirts and rotate them. Whilst more expensive, the shirts will last longer.  

9: One for teenagers

Put talcum powder on the back of your neck before putting on a shirt. This will soak up any sweat which causes stains on school uniforms.  

10: Make Do & Mend

Don’t just throw away uniforms, if there’s a hole see if you can fix it. This way, you’re saving money on replacements.   Do you have any more tips? Contact us below!   *Figures from Family Action

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