christmas stockings on an open fire, with a Christmas tree and presents underneath

Whether you’re looking for stocking fillers or more substantial gifts, we help take the headache out of Christmas with a rundown of fun gifts for £1*, £5*, £10* or £20*.

Gifts Under £1

 red balloon whistle Balloon Whistle – 50p. This whistle causes a loud shrieking noise when used with a balloon, hours of fun guaranteed (for the kids at least!)


 unicorn poly glider  Unicorn Poly Glider – 50p. See how fast your Unicorn can fly with this easy to assemble glider!


giant marbles Giant Marbles – 85p. Can you remember playing marbles as a child? Teach your kids some new tricks with this timeless classic.


Mini sticky splatter Mini Sticky Splatter – 85p.  Throw this at your window and watch as it oozes its way down…


Gifts Under £5


 frozen jelly beans  Frozen Jelly Beans – £1.50. If Frozen is still a firm favourite with your little ones, this is bound to put a smile on their face. Flavours include sparkling berry blue, blue berry, cream soda and grape soda


turtle erasers  Turtle Erasers £2.00. Perfect for pencil cases, this pack of four turtle erasers are perfect for school or for a stocking filler!


rainbow kite Pirate and Rainbow Kites £4.99. Have some traditional fun with your kids with the Pirate and Rainbow kite. See how high and how far you can fly and watch as it soars majestically into their air.


Gifts under £10


 Moodmaker purple nailvarnish  Mood Maker Colour Changing Nail Polish, Purple – £5.95. This purple nail varnish changes colour with heat from your body. Hold a hot or cold drink and watch your nail colour change!


 chocolate penalty shoot out Chocolate Penalty Shoot Out £6. Can you beat the goalie? Move the goalie side to side and take a shot at the goal then eat the chocolate footballs!


dinosaur finger print art fairy finger print art Finger Printing Set £8.95, either Fairy Tales or Dinosaur. Use your fingers and thumbs to create fun artwork and get a bit messy!
 Minions Soft Toys  Minions Soft Toy Plush Buddies £9.95. Collect the Minions – Stuart, Bob and Kevin- all super soft!


 little live pets birds assortment  Little Live Pets Birds Assortment £9.99. Little Live Pets respond to your child’s touch – singing, chirping and tweeting. They even ‘talk’ back to your child.


Gifts under £20


 personalised baking kit Personalised Baking Set £13.50.  Includes a rolling pin, spatula, pastry brush, spoon and cutting board. Each utensil includes the words ‘Baked with love by’ and you just add your child’s name (pastry brush excluded).


cardboard aeroplane  Cardboard Aeroplane £14.29. This is not just a cardboard aeroplane, but a cardboard aeroplane that your child can decorate and run around in.


Leapfrog Leapband Activity Tracker - Orange  Leapfrog Activity Tracker £14.97. The only activity tracker made for kids, it includes 50 fun challenges and a customisable pet. Your kids will earn points by caring for their pet and being active with challenges such as spin like a helicopter.


personalised story book  Personalised Children’s Story Book £19. This book features a child who has lost their name and embarks on a wonderful adventure to track down the missing letters. For example, if your child is named Emily, then the character would meet a forgetful Elephant, a rather vain Mermaid, a cold-averse Inuit, a misunderstood Lion and genial Yeti. Each book is at least 24 pages long.


 Emoji Pillows Emoji Pillows £19.99. Your favourite emojis come to life! Get your favourite Emoji and snuggle up!


*Prices correct as of 29/09/15