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Looking through our reviews on Feefo, our independent online feedback engine, we found the below review:

“Well Done on havinga friendly approachable & professional agent on your team.

Julia was nothing but polite & answered all my questions. She did Provident Pround and couldnt have made the process any easier. Felt comfortable as in my own home to discuss my needs

Top Marks”

Feefo 13/06/16

We had to find out more about Julia, so we tracked her down…

Provident Agent Julia

1. What made you become a self employed Agent for Provident?

I’ve been a self employed Agent for 17 years. I started running my agency part time as I needed some extra money. I enjoyed it so much, I grew my agency to a full time business as I enjoyed working with people. Being an Agent suits me down to the ground.

2. Tell us about your average day

I work 55 hours a week, collecting and providing loans. I start my day at 9am, do my collections, nip back for lunch then finish at 9.30. It’s a long day but I like being busy, I get a buzz from being busy.

3. How many customers do you have on your agency?

I have 335 customers in my agency. When I started I had 45.


4. What is your favourite part of being a self employed Provident Agent?

I get a lot of satisfaction. I help people and they really appreciate it. They’re really thankful and I like helping them get back on track.

5. What is the average customer like?

Lovely! I have lovely lovely customers and I can’t always chat with them for as long as I’d like!

6. What do you love about dealing with customers?

I’m very social so I love creating a good rapport with customers, having a chat and a catch up.

7. Tell us something about yourself that no one knows…

I am passionate about Coventry City Football Club. I used to be a season ticket holder, I now go to about half the games, work permitting. I’m also a big animal lover.