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We received the fantastic comment below on Feefo, our global feedback engine;

i was very pleased with Paul my collector he really made me feel at ease i was really on edge before he came but he was really down to earth and put my mind at rest i am really happy with your service

Feefo 10/11/15

We caught up with Paul to find out about the man behind the Agent…

Paul, our Agent in South Mersey

1. What made you become an Agent for Provident?

I have always worked with people and I like it. When the credit crunch hit I lost my job but someone I was working with recommended me to become an Agent.

2. Tell us about your average day

I start between 10 and 11am and I finish around 7.30/8pm with a couple of hours for lunch. My day includes anything from going out to see customers at certain times, calling customers back and fielding calls to canvassing to grow my agency.

3. How many customers do you have on your agency?

I currently have 320 customers in my agency.

4. What is your favourite part of being a Provident Agent?

I’m a people person so I really like the interactions with customers and seeing people.

5. What is the average customer like?

The customers on my agency are all really nice people. Most are people like me and you who want to use the service.

6. What do you love about dealing with customers?

It’s important that you’re a people person in this industry so that customers can use and get the most out of the service

7. Tell us something about yourself that no one knows…

I am passionate about the environment!