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Let’s hear it for the boys! The amount boys are spending on proms is increasing, on average now forking out some £385.  From eye brow threading and fake tanning to getting a sharp suit, boys are increasingly putting more effort into their prom night preparations and spending more money. Here’s our guide on how to save money on proms if you have a son.

Note: we have an article below on Prom costs for girls too.*


According to research by Debenhams, sales in tuxedos increased 60% whilst sales of formal shirts, shoes and bow ties also went up by 20%. So what can you do to claw back some costs?

Rent– the obvious choice is to rent a prom suit which could set you back around £50**. You wear it for your prom, get it cleaned and then return it, Bobs your uncle. This option can be great for Proms as you’re not spending a fortune on a suit that your son would most likely grow out of.

Vintage– Places such as Oxfam and eBay have a range of vintage and pre-loved suits for a fraction of the cost.


Hand-me-downs– If your child has an older sibling, relative or friend that’s not attending the same prom, see if they have a suit you can borrow. You can then customise it with a different tie, shirt or hanky.


Shoes– Could their school shoes be OK to wear with the suit given a good polish? Alternatively, add a touch of character by wearing trainers instead. Either way you save some money.




Male grooming is a multi-billion pound industry. Here are some tips to save money on looking sharp.


DIY– If, like me, you had a pudding bowl haircut, DIY is not an option. But if you feel brave either you or your son could give it a go…good luck!


Trainee Hairdresser– many salons offer discounts if you let a trainee cut your hair. It can be a bit risky as there’s the chance a mistake could happen, but there are fully trained hairdressers on hand if it does!


Hair Cut At Home– Getting your hair cut in your home can reduce the cost of a haircut as salons can add extra charges. Ask your hairdresser if they’re happy to visit you at your home and find out how much this would cost.



In 2015, 25% of salon customers were men. If your son is wanting to look his best, he may decide to go for a spray tan, eyebrow threading or facial grooming. Here’s how to save some cash!

Fake Tan


Salon Guinea Pig matches newly qualified practitioners to customers, usually with a discount as they’re newly qualified and need to build their customer base.


Alternatively, there are home fake tan treatments. These can look great but may take some practice.

Eyebrow Threading


Look For Discounts– sites like Groupon may have deals on eyebrow threading, alternatively compare costs online.

Facial Grooming


DIY– save money on grooming and do it yourself. There are many videos on YouTube which will show you what to do.


Old School Barber– forget hipster salons which charge a fortune. Many town centres will have old school barbers who have years of experience and probably charge a lot less for their services.




Always ask about student discounts!


As it’s prom, see if you can get group discounts for your son and friends, a shop is more open to giving discounts if you have four people or more using their services.



**suit hire cost:
Tailored two piece suit from Slaters-
Dinner suit packages from Moss Bros
Slim fit two piece suit from Burton-