Christmas tree and presents underneath

Christmas is all about the kids and their joy at getting the noisy, colourful, sticker covered toy that you were still putting together at 2am Christmas morning, only to be woken up by your bundles of joy at 4am.

Whilst Christmas is a time for giving, you can’t always control what ‘favourite’ Auntie Good Idea has bought your little one- what if your little darling has just received the noisiest, most annoying toy imaginable? Auntie Good Idea doesn’t have to live with that.

Here, we count down the 10 most annoying Christmas presents to buy kids.*

Grey text with '10. Football' text

Normally you have no problem with a football. You want your kids to play outside, beat childhood obesity and discover the joys of breaking neighbours windows. The problem arises when it’s Christmas day, raining and your child wants to play with their football inside your small house which contains relatives and breakable items.

cream background with blue text stating '9. Singing Sensation'

The latest boy band/singing sensation your kids are currently infatuated with. Forget that said singing sensation is merely a puppet in a music mogul’s empire, that they’ve not had an original thought since their early years and that their music is completely meaningless whilst their lyrics make no sense, it’s the catchy tune you’ll have stuck in your head for the whole of Christmas.

Blue background with blue text stating '8.Karaoke'

As much as you love your kids, they’re not going to be on X Factor anytime soon, but as it’s Christmas you can’t tell them this. They’re high on sugar and excitement, ‘singing’ to One Direction and you’re too tired to complain. Merry Christmas!

purple background with blue text stating '7. Glitter'

Do people need more glitter in their already charmed existence? Apparently so! In two hours your clean house will have a sparkly coating. You’ll have glittery rooms, clothing and pets. In twelve years time you’ll still have glittery rooms, clothing and pets.

Light blue background with blue text stating '6. Whoopee Cushion'

‘Hahaha Grandma’s farted!’ Who doesn’t love a good fart joke? Who doesn’t love a good fart joke when they’ve been on their feet all day, chasing after children and relatives and then spending the majority of said day in a small, hot, overcrowded kitchen to ensure people can actually eat. You finally sit down and ‘Parp!’ You’ve farted. Hilarious. This will continue to be ‘hilarious’ for months.

green background with white text stating '5. Talking Toys'

The continuous noise from talking toys will drive you insane, especially as some don’t even speak English but a made up language your child will be fluent in within weeks.

yellow background with blue text stating '4. Toys With Small Parts'

Toys with small bits which can get lost, sucked up a vacuum cleaner or even swallowed are a parents nightmare at Christmas, prompting late night trips and five hour waits in A&E.

orange background with white text stating '3. Goo'

Children are obsessed with it, but what is it? It’s a blob in a box that leaves a slimy coating on everything it touches and gets everywhere, including in eyes, ears, noses and hair.

pink background with white text stating '2. Remote Controlled Car'

Who doesn’t love spending Christmas with a car continuously bashing into your ankles and furniture, chasing family and ruining carpets?

red background with white text stating '1. Waterguns'

Your house turns into a warzone, with child snipers round every corner just waiting to catch you off guard with a faceful of water. No one is safe, the joke never gets old and the toys are confiscated six times before Boxing Day.

So there we have it- a list of the most annoying Christmas presents you pray your kids don’t get, or that you consider giving your nieces and nephews.

What are your most annoying Christmas presents to buy kids? Let us know below!

* As voted for by parents in our office.