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My Tips For Saving Money On School Uniforms


It’s that time of year again, where parents drag their reluctant children to the high street to negotiate the perils of school uniform shopping. Provident Mum of one Chrisy gives her tips for saving money on school uniforms.

School shoes

When it comes to school shoes paying a bit more could save you money in the long run. I’ve tried supermarket leather shoes and within two weeks my little one had them in shreds. So now I pay a bit more and we’ve managed to get a pair to last for 2 ½ terms.


If, like me, you’ve got a boisterous boy who likes to scuff his feet try a shoe with rubber covering the toes as it’s more durable and doesn’t cause as much damage to the shoe.


Cover shoes in protection spray to keep them sealed in the wet. You can pick this up in most shoe shops and some supermarkets and the good thing is you can use it on your own shoes too.

Branded School Jumpers

Most schools expect pupils to own a school jumper with their logo on and at a cost of £10 or more, a jumper combined with a messy monkey like mine can end up costing you a bomb.


Instead of buying a weeks’ worth of branded school jumpers why not buy just one or two? You can sub the rest of the week up with supermarket alternatives which do the job just fine at a fraction of the price, adding the school logo separately.


If you really want to have the school logo but don’t want to buy them from the school, check out local embroiders; there’s usually a couple that offer to stitch school badges onto jumpers for a small fee.


Why not shop preloved? Many schools provide an onsite shop selling preloved uniforms such as jumpers and blazers for less. They’re still quality items, it just means you’re saving money as the uniform is not brand spanking new.


There are a number of supermarkets and high street stores where you can pick up polo shirts and jumpers for less than a fiver. Whilst it’s true that everything adds up, I find kitting out your little one with enough uniform for a week saves time on constantly washing and scrambling round for yesterday’s jumper. It also means that you’re not over washing them each week, keeping them that bit nicer for longer. However, if you can’t afford to do this, consider buying a few key items to wash and wear. You can also check out our article here on how to make school uniforms last longer.


When considering uniforms look out for things like: Teflon coating for stains, easy iron, colour stay guarantees and 100 wash guarantees; as these should help to keep uniform looking presentable for longer.

Times to Buy

When it comes to school shoes leave it till the back end of the holidays, the last thing you want is to find out they’ve had a growth spurt over the last six weeks. However, that said, don’t be too late either. The weekend before school starts is pretty busy and stocks can be low.


If you’re feeling more confident and you have an old uniform which you can squeeze another couple of weeks wear out of, wait until the schools have gone back, then get uniforms in the sales. Beware though, not all sizes and styles will be available.


If your little one isn’t prone to growth spurts in the summer weeks, you can pick up school uniform anywhere from June to September. However, there are some sizes that run out fast especially for younger ones. So keep an eye out and if stocks are running low pick them up while you still can. Alternatively there are a number of shops where you can order online and pick them up in store.


Do you have any tips on saving money on school uniforms? Share them below or at Facebook and Twitter.    

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