So Christmas is out of the way and headed in to the New Year, so Happy New Year Everyone. But now the same thing happens every year, we start the craze of “New Year, new me” and start writing those lists of New Year’s resolutions. How many things do you have on your list that you want to change about YOU this year? But why, and how do you plan to go about it?

Why do we always think that with New Year must come change? Scrap that idea, be you, be fabulous and most of all enjoy life. Start to think about what you can do for you this year, how can you enjoy what you’ve got, make great new memories and have lots of fun.



New Year Goals

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Yearly Goals


A lot of the time we set ourselves goals that are not realistic, they set us too much pressure and we fail before we’ve even really started. So why not take it down a positive route, think of things that you’d like to get involved with, things you’d like to see, like to do. Set yourself the positive goals, something to look forward too.






365 Day Happiness Challenge

Feel up to the challenge, then why not get involved in this 365 – Day Happiness Challenge. 365 days that does seem quite long, and we do say don’t add too much pressure, but this challenge seems fun. It’s all about doing new and exciting things, and making the most out of each and every day. So if you feel like pushing yourself, having fun then get involved with the happiness challenge by clicking here:


365 Happiness Challenge

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So, just remember it’s not “New Year, New Me”, let’s go with “New Year, New Challenge”. Have fun, make memories and most importantly just enjoy your year.