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Argh Christmas is around the corner and for whatever reason you’re not quite ready. Don’t panic. We’re here with some awesome tips on how to rock Christmas this year.


There’s still plenty of time to get things ready. There are loads of dishes you can make in advance so it’s just a case of getting items out of your freezer on Christmas day. Dishes such as stuffing, roast potatoes, roast veggies, gravy, bread sauce even brandy butter can all be prepared in advance, as well as many desserts. BBC Good Food has a list of some delicious recipes to give you inspiration.

Also, why make stuff from scratch? Frozen foods such as roast potatoes, roast honey glazed veg and even Turkey will make your day less stressful. You can compare how much these items cost at different supermarkets here although you will need to register first.


If you’re catering for a lot of people, you can always ask everyone to bring a dish. It means you’re not left with all the work plus everyone can have a say over what to eat!

The Perfect Christmas Dinner app is free and gives you expert guidance from professional tutors. What more could you want?!


It can be easy to get carried away when buying presents with limited budget and time pressures. Here’s some handy hints when it comes to present buying.

Make a list of everyone you need to buy for and set a budget for each.

Research presents online and compare for the best prices. You can do this really easily and quickly just by choosing the shopping tab in Google. It brings up a mini price comparison on items so you can instantly see where the cheapest options are.

Prioritise what presents you need to buy and how much each costs. Then go down the list one by one and start to buy the items. If some are more expensive than anticipated, can you ask other people to chip in too? Alternatively, do you have any gift cards lying around which you can use to buy presents for other people?

If you see a bargain gift, don’t be afraid to buy it for a few people. You’re saving money and buying an awesome gift at the same time.

If you’re shopping on the high street, take your shopping list with you so you don’t get carried away or distracted. Don’t buy pre-wrapped gifts, as there can be an extra charge for this. Instead, leave the wrapping up to the kids and let them go crazy with decorations.

Alternatively, wrap gifts in foil like this:

If you’re still worried about budgets, Buzzfeed has a list of 33 DIY gifts you can do in less than an hour


Decorating your home at Christmas doesn’t need to be an expensive ordeal.

Shops such as PoundStretcher, Aldi and The Works have Christmas decorations which don’t cost the earth, and you can always make your own decorations from household items.

Tin Can Lanterns- Turn old tin cans into lanterns. It requires a hammer and some creative vision but can look really Christmassy. Inhabitat have a how-to here.

Cookie cutter Christmas decorations- Simple tie some red ribbon onto your cookie cutter shapes and attach to the Christmas tree.

Wine glass table decorations- Simply get a wine glass, fill with baubles and turn upside down, then balance the tea lights on the base et voila!

Origami– Get creative, make origami decorations with whatever paper you have lying around.