Peach background with the words 'Happy 1st Birthday'

On the 1st September 2013, the Provident Blog launched. The aim of the blog was to engage with customers without trying to sell to them.

Since then, we’ve written about:


  • Preparing for Christmas





…and much, much more.


Users of the blog can find out about:







Here Are Some Vital Blog Stats!

Between 1st September and the 1st August, the blog has seen 15,000 visitors, who viewed on average four pages of blog posts!





  • 60 blog images have been created by our Artworker Jess Kalyan, who came up with the quirky look and feel which customers have connected with.


In March, we ran a questionnaire on the Provident website to understand what users thought of the blog, here are the results! Out of 160 respondents:

  • 75% of customers thought the blog was easy and informative
  • When asked if there was anything they didn’t like about the blog, 60% of respondents stated: ‘Nothing, it’s great!’

We’re really proud of the Provident blog, so keep checking in to see what posts we have on offer!