Young woman receiving a bunch of wild flowers on a date

It’s scientifically proven that being kind is good for you. So, why not get your health fix by taking part in Random Act of Kindness Day?

What is a random act of kindness?

A random act of kindness can be anything from buying a stranger a cup of coffee to helping someone to their car with their shopping bags. It’s spontaneous, it’s between two strangers, and it’s a surprise.  The act of kindness is to help someone or simply put a smile on his or her face.  We need to appreciate the people around us; a paramedic’s petrol for no apparent reason.

Growing In Popularity

Random act of kindness day is becoming increasingly popular and we’re not surprised. Not only does the receiver feel good but you do too.

In 2001 Danny Wallace created a group, known as the Karma Army, which committed to performing Random acts of kindness every Friday. This later became known as ‘Good Friday.’ Today, the group are still committed to random acts of kindness but any day of the week.

More recently, Emma Doherty decided to complete 30 random acts of kindness before she reached her 30th birthday in January 2018. Emma previously worked in the care industry where bringing happiness to someone’s day was extremely rewarding, she now runs her own business. Emma set up a Facebook page so that people could write in when they found her hidden acts of kindness. You can find out more about Emma’s personal mission here.

What You Can Do

Here’s our top 20 things you can do to be kind:

  1. Tweet or Facebook message a genuine compliment to three different people
  2. Help out a friend who is going through a difficult time
  3. Offer a homeless person some food
  4. Donate an old piece of clothing every time you treat yourself to something new
  5. Compliment someone to their boss
  6. Don’t interrupt when someone else is speaking
  7. Smile at someone in the street, just because
  8. Bring some goodies into the office
  9. Give someone a hug
  10. Bring your partner a coffee in bed
  11. Tell people how much you love them
  12. Donate some pet food/toys to your local shelter
  13. Help your elderly neighbour with some chores they struggle to do
  14. Wash someone’s car as a nice surprise
  15. Be kind to the customer service rep on the phone. It’s a tough job they’re doing
  16. Keep in touch with your parents/grandparents
  17. Offer to return someone’s shopping trolley to the store after they’ve finished loading up their groceries
  18. Be encouraging to others
  19. Hold the lift
  20. Give a stranger some flowers

Whenever you see an opportunity to perform a random act of kindness, take it. You never know you may even get through our list, make a new friend and or even like it.