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Christmas Savings & Christmas Planning

You can run, you can hide but eventually Christmas will catch up with you. Read this article to pick up handy hints and tips on how to survive .

Instead of leaving all your Christmas shopping until December and panic spending a fortune, (buying your mother that foot spa that she’ll never use) here are some handy hints on Christmas planning.

3 Christmas presents wrapped in gold wrapping paper with red ribbon


First two weeks The first stages of your Christmas planning are simple, it’s just making lists!

  • Make a list of everything you have to do before the big day. This includes gift buying, food prep, decorations and card writing. Speak to the family to decide who’s coming to stay.
  • Start collecting recipes and decide upon a menu for Christmas Eve, Christmas day and Boxing Day. Can you cook something on Christmas Eve which will freeze and feed you later in the week when you're all cooked out?
  • Stock up on wrapping paper and sellotape.

Last two weeks

  • Start putting any change into a jar to save for Christmas, perhaps even give up a treat and put this money towards your Christmas fund.



First two weeks

  • Make a list of gifts you need to buy and how much they'll cost so you can spread the cost and keep an eye on spending. Wrap items as you get them.

Last two weeks Whilst the kids are on half term, why not get crafty? Get them to make some Christmas decorations- these sites should help:

  To make Christmas crackers, check out Tuts.

  • It’s trick or treat time- when the kids will have so many sweets they won’t know what to do with them... so could you keep some aside for their advent calendars?
  • The nights are drawing in, why not start writing Christmas cards and addressing them so they're ready to go.


Planning Christmas is ramped up a notch, as people realise it’s just around the corner. Luckily you’re pretty sorted!

  • Ask the kids to tell you what they most want for Christmas. This will give you time to find it. Compare prices online to see where the best deals lie. If they want big electrical items, ask them if they’d be happy to wait until the January sales, so you can grab a bargain!
  • If you’re having outside light decorations, start planning your display & testing lights.
  • Start looking at decorations if you need new ones.
  • Allocate rooms and furniture for when the family invades!

a box of christmas lights turned on, christmas presents with gold wrapping paper and red ribbon and a child writing a christmas list to santa


This is a month to start the finishing touches to your Christmas plan. Week Beginning 02/12/13

  • Post Christmas cards
  • Buy bigger items/ gifts for your loved ones
  • Get the Christmas decorations out

Week Beginning 09/12/13

  • Sort out spare bedrooms and furniture
  • Wrap gifts

Week Beginning 16/12/13

  • Buy fresher items for your Christmas meal
  • Do any food prep work you can do- cook stuffing etc

Week Beginning 23/12/13

  • Relax!

We hope this article helps you in your Christmas planning. Share your Christmas prep ideas with us below.

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