Stockings on the fireplace




It can sometimes feel like you’re spending a fortune on individual presents at Christmas. We’ve got some great gift ideas that are less than £10 to fill your family’s stockings.  Stockings can be filled with a variety of presents, such as smellies, confectionary, stationery, toys etc. Stockings are often filled with the items that you don’t necessarily ask for, but that someone needs, so it’s always good to choose useful items. You could put the traditional orange at the bottom of each stocking, or your own twist!

Remember, these are just our gift ideas for if you’re struggling!*

Homemade fudge brownie mix in a jar

Little gifts for little children

You could expand your child’s creativity this festive season with some funky pens or crayons and a colouring book for them to go wild with. To keep your children occupied whilst you cook the Christmas dinner, why not include their favourite toy/ doll/ teddy to provide them with endless fun and excitement. Toys “R” Us has some great deals on toys, so you’re bound to find a variety of options for less than £10.


If your children love getting involved with baking, why not make your own jar of ingredients for them? It’s simple to put together and easy to do. See the link below for some examples and how to make one:

Treats for female teens

If your daughter is girly and loves to look her best at all times then you can’t go wrong with makeup, body sprays and nail kits. Since everything now seems to be available in miniature versions, why not buy minis so she has the essentials for her every need ready in her handbag. Superdrug has a great selection of mini hand lotions, tissues and compact mirrors, which are ideal! Simply type ‘mini’ into the search bar for a variety of choices. For the sportier girls, why not try sports bottles that she can take to every sports game? Why not put her favourite sports drink in too so she can fill her bottle up ready for the first game back after Christmas

What to put in your son’s stocking

During the teenage years we reckon your son won’t leave the house without styling his hair, so make sure you grab a pot of his favourite hair gel to pop in his stocking. If he enjoys a nice cup of tea or coffee, why not treat him to a mug? Christmas gives teenagers a lot of spare time so a paperback book is a great option for filling this time. Whether it’s the autobiography of his idol or a thriller, a good book when it’s cold outside never goes amiss!

Or why not try this fun mini table tennis table set, you can have a family tournament after your Christmas dinner;

Ping Pong Gift Set



Chocolate Bark

Gifts for mums

After the stress of hosting all the family, mum will enjoy a relaxing hot bath so why not fill her stocking with bath bombs and bubbles that will leave her smelling divine and feeling stress free. And what would go better with a bubble bath, than a small glass of wine?! Purchase a mini bottle of wine that will fit nicely in the side of her stocking. Does mum like to keep fit but never seem to have the time? Slide a yoga mat into her stocking this year so she can do her exercises from home, or so she can finally sign up to that yoga class she’s wanted to do! Mums love presents that are from the heart, or from Santa’s in this case, so try this chocolate bark recipe by Jamie Oliver, and wrap it in a little bag, to make a yummy treat for mum’s stocking.

Or for some alternative chocolate barks look here;


Fillers for dad’s stocking

Everyone knows dad is known for adding too many flavours to dinner when it’s his turn to cook, so spice up dad’s stocking this Christmas with some of his favourite cooking spices.  You can buy these from Tesco from as little as £1 and they’ll certainly be added to the mulled wine! Nuts are a healthier snack to enjoy over Christmas, so you could pick up a bag of dad’s favourites for him to nibble on over the Christmas period, Sainsbury’s has a great selection here.  It’s an unwritten rule that dads must always carry around a handkerchief. eBay have a range of handkerchief’s for under £10 so why not treat dad to something more personal in his stocking this year?





Remember stocking fillers are fun gifts that you enjoy opening with the whole family gathered around to start Christmas Day off. We guarantee everyone prefers lots of little gifts in their stocking than a couple of big ones so these gift ideas under £10 are perfect!

*All prices are correct as of 17/11/16