Stressful dates for everyone's calendar

Everyone has times in their calendar which may prove to be expensive. For families this could be Christmas, for others it could be when car payments are due or holidays. Here, we list some expensive times of the year.

Note: All prices correct as of 15/07/14

School Uniforms

School uniforms, the bane of any parents life. Your child is already enrolled in high school; your child wants you to buy the best trainers on the high street so their school friends don’t point out they don’t wear branded trainers, they need a school bag to put their school books and essentials so they look the best for their peers when strolling through the big gates of school. You then get told they are not provided with any of the school uniform that they need for starting secondary school. Look here at how much the average school uniform costs.

Infographic showing the cost of school uniforms

* Figures from The Daily Mail

**Figures from The Daily Mail 


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Christmas can be a stressful event for anyone, with the kids running havoc around the house whilst you try and cook the Christmas dinner for guests, relying on your delicious turkey to satisfy their once-a-year, turkey dinner needs. But it can also be a stressful time money-wise, especially when having financial issues and the ever growing pressure to make sure the whole family open their perfectly wrapped gift with a smile on their face. Here’s what the average Christmas can cost you (it’s pretty pricey).

inforgraphic showing the cost of

*Figures from The Mirror

**Figures from The Royal Mail Group

***Figures from YouGov


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Yearly Car Payments

Everyone hates when the road tax is due or you need to make a car payment for your insurance. Britain is one of the most expensive countries to keep a car running, here’s how much us Brits spend to stay on the road each year.

infographic showing the cost of car maintenance

*Figures from The Express

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Children’s Birthdays

Every year your little one gets older, and the ever-growing pressure to throw an amazing children’s birthday party begins to get a little bit out of hand! But what does the money get spent on to make the best children’s birthday party ever?

infographic showing the cost of brithdays

*Figures from The Daily Mail


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High School Prom

The glitz and the glam of 16 year olds leaving their high school years is becoming a massive occasion. The girls compete to out-do each other to look the best and the boys want to be the one that shows up in the flashiest sports car to prom. This formal occasion can cost a LOT of money, what would the average Briton spend on their darling teenager’s high school prom?

infographic showing the cost of proms

*Figures from The Guardian

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Everyone loves to hear wedding bells whether it is for themselves, or someone close to their heart. But does love really come at a price? Here’s a list of what you may want for your wedding day and how much it could set you back.

infographic showing the cost of weddings

*Figures From The Telegraph- Average Wedding Costs

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Everyone deserves a bit of time in the sunshine for their holidays, with the waves crashing at your feet as you stroll down the sandy beach, the hot sun beaming down on your shoulders with your SPF 50 on to make sure you don’t burn! But, if you’re lucky enough to get away, this relaxation comes at a price. Here’s a breakdown on what you could spend.

The average cost of holidays in the UK is around £422.

infographic showing the cost of holidays

* Figures from Saga

**Figures from Caravan Club

***Figures from Big Hospitality


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Having A Baby

Having a baby can be a scary time as it is; the thought of bringing a little tiny person into the world that you personally are responsible for can be very daunting. But everyone knows that having a baby brings joy, laughter and happiness to any family with any circumstances and can always bring a family together. However they also bring a hefty bill to the average Brit!

infographic showing the cost of having children

*Figures from The Daily Mail

**Figures from WhatPrice

***Figures from Netmums


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