two people in a park

Money is tight and the weather’s not great either, but that doesn’t mean you have to stay indoors! We have some great ideas on free activities you can do, whether you have a family or you’re just hanging out with friends.

If You Have Kids

Entertaining your kids this winter doesn’t have to cost a fortune, we have some fun things to do below:

1. Get outside – go to the park or just for a walk. Set challenges, how many red cars can you see, how many birds can you count? If it’s raining, get your wellies on and go puddle splashing

2. Play board games – dig out some old classics or just encourage your kids to create their own

3. Use old Christmas packaging – Collect the boxes Christmas presents arrived in and challenge your kids to create or build something with them.

4. Go to the library – your local library may have on an activity suitable for your kids, or just spend some time reading together.

5. Hide the object – Choose an object and take it in turns to hide it around the house. The person who manages to hide the object the longest wins.

6. Write a story – challenge your kids to write a story which includes an Ogre or a witch.

7. Dress up session – Dig out clothes you’ve not worn for years and have a dress up session.

8. Put on a show – Ask your kids to entertain you by putting on a show – it can be a play, musical or a performance of their favourite songs

9. Origami – get creative and make animals and shapes from paper. Some simple things to make are here

10. Get Cooking – encourage the kids to get involved in cooking meals – give them simple jobs so they can enjoy the action

Netmums have a link to all the free activities happening in your area- check it out here

If You Don’t’ Have Kids

When the weather is bad you don’t always feel like going outside, but what can you do with your time?

1. Go for a walk – no matter what the weather, wrap up, get outside the house and get some fresh air!

2. Revisit a favourite DVD – take the time to watch old favourite DVDs and enjoy the magic once again

3. Play board games – dig out old favourite board games and while away the hours…

4. Odd jobs – any old/odd jobs need doing? Now’s the time!

5. Skype friends – Skype is free to use – why not catch up with old friends?

6. Learn a new skill – there are tons of videos online to teach you a new language or skill – get involved!

7. Pot luck lunch – raid your cupboards for the most random items and then see if you can make them into an edible meal.

8. Visit a museum – there are lots of free museums around the UK – why not take a look?

9. Make a time capsule – make a time capsule and have a think about what you want future generations to know

10. Revisit old albums/songs – enjoy the tunes from your youth!