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The 5 Things You Will Remember From The 80s

We remember the 1980’s as a decade full of fun, with catchy pop songs, some very questionable hair styles and computer games that you almost became addicted to. Speaking to everyone round the office here are the top 5 things that stand out for us in the decade that style forgot!

1. Material Girl

It can definitely be said that Madonna reigned as the queen of the 80s. She completely re-vamped everyone’s perception of style and glamour through her bold dress sense and total no-care attitude. Her influential fashion sense made her the most iconic pop diva of the 80s that celebrities nowadays still copy her style. Every girl and woman wanted to be her, from the ‘bad girl’ look in ‘Papa don’t preach’, to the slightly more girly wavy hair with highlights and huge bows. Madonna re-styled herself so many times that everyone had their own favourite look that was definitely carried far into the 90s. Here is a collection of photos documenting some of her most iconic looks and how her style evolved.

2. Glued to the games

80s computer game Pacman   Played a lot of video games in the '80s? So did we! But did you know that the global video game market actually crashed in 1984 and caused a lot of great games companies to disappear? One of the saviours was the NES, and the sudden surge in popularity of home computers in the UK. The rise of the ZX Spectrum, Commodore 64, Amstrad CPC and later on the Commodore Amiga and Atari ST helped keep us hooked on pixels and rebuild the defunct games industry around the world. So when you think back to the hours sat playing Manic Miner and Chuckie Egg and Dizzy, you were actually taking part in a revival of computer games that's still being felt today.

Picture courtesy of Pinterest

3. The rise and rise of home video

Iconic lift shot from film Dirty Dancing   In the '70s there was a small revolution in video recording technology that allowed amateur filmmakers a level of freedom they'd never had before. This resulted in more films than the cinema circuit could handle, and breathed epic life into the home video market. The result was a video rental shop on every corner, and a treasure trove of b-movies from comedy to horror and everything in between that glued our eyes to the CRT like never before. It also meant we no longer had to wait for the Christmas film to roll around before we could watch last year's big cinema release from the arm chair! Oh, and if you're looking for the pinnacle of home video exploitation, go check out everything Troma made in the '80s (you're welcome!).

Picture courtesy of Pinterest

4 . Serialised TV

TV shows are enjoying a huge revival right now, but the groundwork was laid in the '80s. Serialised TV shows delivered several decades worth of big Hollywood talent to the hearts of the viewing public in amazing shows like The A-Team, Knight Rider, Moonlighting, The Equalizer, Star Trek: The Next Generation and so many others. What these shows got right--and where today's shows go wrong--is they were happy to tell a story each week, put everything back as it started at the end, and give us a brand new story next week. The current trend for multi-series mytharcs and glacially slow character development makes us pine for the action and fun of '80s TV.


5. Food for thought

The food in the '80s certainly reflected the fashion style: colourful, bold, over the top and constantly changing favourites. The '80s was a time before nutritionists realised that blue wasn’t actually a good colour for food and before ‘natural and healthy’ was the new fashionable way to eat. But who didn’t like running to the corner shop after school and getting brain freeze from a bright blue Slush Puppy and or to buy a bag of Flying Saucers, Blackjacks, or a Marathon to walk home with? Nobody was ever sure whether they purchased Cadburys Flake chocolate bars because of the beautiful woman in the advert, or because they genuinely tasted delicious! Nevertheless, you won’t have been the only person who tried to eat a Flake just as seductively. But wasn’t it a sad moment when we had to say goodbye to the ever loved 54321 Cadburys chocolate bar. Not only was the advert, featuring the infamous Ted Rogers, an '80s classic, but it included five amazing chocolate bars!

What do you remember the most about the '80s? Get in touch on Facebook or Twitter.

Take a look at our Generation Change page to see some detailed research about life through the decades. See how much the average house price has changed and how average income in the UK has increased. We wish houses were still as cheap as in the 50’s!



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