Couple snuggled in front of the fire

Another year, another Valentine’s Day, but how will you be able to afford to keep the WOW factor whilst remaining on a budget. Over the years, Valentine’s Day has become commercial which has resulted in prices rocketing, and restaurants busting to the seams with customers. Here’s our suggestions on keeping the prices low but keeping the WOW factor:


To create a WOW factor, it’s all about the right atmosphere; this can be really effective, yet cost no more than a few £1. First, turn the light off, draw the curtains and put on a lamp. Light some tea lights around the room to create ambience, if you don’t already have tea lights, then this is where the small cost can take effect. You can normally find a 100 pack of tea lights at Ikea for no more than £2. Remember, when lighting candles to place them in a safe area to avoid any accidents. Finally, turn the music on low in the background to create a romantic atmosphere.

Wine and dine in style

You’ve nailed the atmosphere and now you can start thinking about how you will wine and dine. Couple’s may feel as if it is the norm to go to a restaurant to celebrate Valentine’s Day but it can be difficult to find a table, the prices can be steep and where’s the intimacy; dozens of couples all squeezed into one room. Change things up, spend quality time together and create the perfect dish, here are a few different options:


You may quite enjoy cooking, and the thought of preparing a lovely meal for your significant other will be a pleasure OR you could even cook together. BBC good food, Sainsbury’s and Jamie Oliver can offer some great recipe suggestions. Be sure to plan out your meal before the big day to save the mad dash to the shops to get those last minute ingredients. You might even want to lay the table with a cloth, placemats, and candles to great a romantic restaurant effect.

Meal Deal

You might not be great in the kitchen or you simply don’t want the stress of cooking up a storm, but not to worry supermarkets to the rescue, with their premade meal deals. The deal includes offering a fantastic 2 course meal with wine or non-alcoholic beverage, taking the hassle out of your evening. Marks & Spencers, Tesco and Ocado are just a few that have a few options to choose from.

Indoor Picnic

Why not have a little bit of fun and create an indoor picnic, picture it now, your blanket laid down on the living room floor, your favourite tasty little light bites laid out.


So, all that’s left to think about now, is what entertainment you’ll have planned for your special day. Each couple’s taste is different so what will your choice of entertainment be? Our suggestions are relaxed and listening to music, playing games, take a romantic stroll, or snuggle up with a movie.