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Which Is Best - Sales On The High Street Or Sales Online?

It’s sale season, where people get ready to elbow each other in the face and fight it out in store over the last pair of boots, or stay awake all night to find the best deals online. But which sale is best- shopping on the high street or online? Here, we discuss the pros and cons.


Pros- Online Sales

The online sales start midnight on Boxing day morning so you don’t have to leave your home to find a bargain.


The beauty about shopping online is that you don’t have to camp out in the cold or queue outside shops in the early hours. There’s no childcare to arrange nor do you have to drag your little ones around the shop. You can even shop whilst they’re in bed so you’re not feeling guilty about not spending time together.


There are no queues at the checkout or people in the way, you can browse at your leisure and choose the items you want. It’s easier to shop around to find the best bargains- it’s just a case of click and compare!

Pros- High Street Sales

There’s nothing like wrapping up warm and heading out for some retail therapy. You could even take a thermos with hot chocolate or some cheeky mulled wine.


The atmosphere whilst queuing is also part of the sales, everyone’s excited about what they can buy and what discounts they can enjoy!


You can make a day of it, spending the morning shopping and then going for lunch and still make it home by the afternoon for time with the kids and gloat over your bargain purchases.


It’s a good way to get some post Christmas exercise as you’re on your feet a lot of the day. In shops, they tend to put all their available stock out on the shop floor, whilst with online sales they sometimes hold items back. If you can’t find something in one store, they can call another local store to see if they have it in stock. Plus as soon as you have an item it’s there to use, you’re not waiting for deliveries!


In store, you can try on the items you’re going to buy and see instantly how they look. You can feel the quality of the garment, whether the material's itchy or not quite right, you don’t get that with online shopping.

Cons- Online Sales

Firstly, when shopping online it can be hard to match the colour of items with other products without seeing them in the flesh, as it were. Things can also look different in real life to how they look online- something which looked more green than blue online can suddenly look more blue than green.


You have to pay for deliveries and then you have to be in to collect deliveries, or make friends with neighbours who take your deliveries in. That’s if your neighbours are trustworthy of course...


If the items are defective or don’t fit and need exchanging, the retailer may not have that item in stock to do so. That’s if you get the item in the first place. You can go through the whole sales process and get excited about the stuff you’ve bought, only to get an email a few days later saying the item is out of stock or not available- then you’re back to square one.

Cons- High Street Sales

When it comes to shopping on the high street, there are PEOPLE EVERYWHERE! You’re queuing to get into the shop, queuing to try on garments and queuing to pay. You’re in the shop six hours and it took you six minutes to pick out items. There’s nowhere to move and some sales can even get physical.


For the Boxing Day sales you have to wrap up like you’re going on a military operation, making sure you’re warm enough and comfortable in the cold. You have to find someone to watch the kids or take them with you which makes it even more stressful- dragging kids round busy shops is hard enough let alone when they’re tired and hyped up because it’s Christmas.


You have to spend money just to get there, either on public transport or money on petrol. Then there’s buying lunch or snacks along the way, it quickly adds up! There are pros and cons to both shopping online and on the high street, but the main thing to ask yourself is: ‘Do I need this item?’ if not, it’s not really worth the price, no matter how much you spend.


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