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Voice recording

To ensure that all of our customers are treated fairly and with care, we have introduced voice recording to our home visits. We’ll use these recordings for training purposes and to make sure we're providing you with the right information, service and support every time we visit. This means that if there is ever a problem with your Customer Experience Manager (CEM) or your loan, we can use the recordings to help us provide support and answer any queries. 


We know that not everyone will want to be recorded, so if you feel uncomfortable you can ask your CEM to stop the recording, you also have the option to request for the recording to be deleted.


How do I make a request?

To request a voice recording to be deleted complete the below form and a member of the team will be in touch. 


All fields marked * are mandatory.

Frequently asked questions

We use them to help us do our jobs better. We use them to check CEMs have carried out your instructions properly. We use them to resolve queries and complaints. Really, they’re there to make sure we’re looking after you properly. The recordings may also be used to prevent or detect fraud, and improve our training.

All our home visits are now recorded for your protection, as well as for training and quality purposes. This isn’t about catching anybody out. It’s about making sure we give you the right information, service and support every time we visit. It will take some getting used to on both sides, but we believe it’s the right thing to do. It’s one of the ways we can demonstrate we’re lending and collecting responsibly.


You can read more FAQs about our voice recording process here.