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Make a payment

While we aren’t making home visits, you can still stay on track with our remote payment options. As well as our normal options we’ve introduced a temporary new way to pay, which allows you to pay by calling your Rep. Your Rep will talk you through how this works.

Pay online


You'll need your debit card, customer number, date of birth and email address.


Make a payment online

Use the automated payment line


0800 916 6440 


You'll need your debit card, customer number and date of birth.


You can make a payment for someone else as long as you have their customer number and date of birth. The payment card needs to be yours and registered to your address.

Using this service regularly?

If things have changed and you need to change your payment date or time, you can call our customer services team on 0800 096 6064.

Card payments shouldn't be an alternative to paying your rep during their weekly visit.

Cancelling your loan

If you change your mind and want to cancel your loan, that’s OK. You just need to do so within 14 days, starting from the day after you signed your loan agreement. Give our Customer Service team a call on 0800 096 6064, or speak to your rep, and we'll tell you how much you need to repay (the loan amount plus the daily interest amount) and when you need to pay it by.


Early Settlement Balance (ESB)

As a customer, you're entitled to settle your loan early (except in the last 13 days of the term). This is known as Early Settlement. You will be provided with what is known as an Early Settlement Balance (ESB). Paying the ESB will result in you receiving a rebate of interest on part of the loan, reducing the overall outstanding balance due. This means you will pay less interest than originally agreed upfront. The ESB is the amount you would need to repay to settle the account in full before the end of the agreed term. This is accounted for in any ESB quote provided. You can request a written quote by contacting the Contact Centre on 0800 096 6064.


Partial Early Settlement Rebate (PESR)

When you make an over-payment you may be entitled to a Partial Early Settlement Rebate (PESR). The rebate reduces the amount of interest payable over the remaining term of the agreement. The rebate of interest is not given to you in cash, it will reduce the amount you owe. At the time you overpay, your rep will be able to give you more information regarding PESR.