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Want to make a payment?

If from time to time you are going to miss your Agent’s visit and you are not able to arrange an alternative visit or make an advance payment to your Agent or you’re waiting for your new Agent to be introduced to you, you can use our automated card payment line to make a repayment and avoid falling into arrears.


To make a payment using the automated line, call 0800 916 6440.


All you need is:

  • Your customer number - your number needs to be without the dash. For example, 12-34567 becomes 1234567
  • Your date of birth

Our payment line is safe, secure and simple to use. It's available 24/7 so you can ring when it's convenient for you and there's no need to wait in a queue!


You can also use the payment line to make a payment for somebody else providing:

  • You have their customer number and date of birth
  • The card belongs to you and is registered to your own address

Your Agent will still call to update your payment book.


Making a card payment is not an alternative to your Agent’s weekly collections, so if your circumstances have changed, meaning you are frequently unable to pay your Agent at your usual arranged time, then please discuss your change in circumstances and the options available to you with your Agent. 


If you are unable to discuss this directly with your Agent for any reason, please contact the customer service team on 0800 069 6064.