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Recommend a friend and earn £50

Why not tell your friends about us? If they take out a loan with us, you'll get £50. Subject to terms and conditions. You’ll get £50 for every eligible person you recommend. They'll just need to be accepted for a loan from us. The more people you recommend, the more you’ll earn. Find out how it works below.

How do I recommend a friend?

To recommend a friend/relative you'll just need to give them:

  • Your Provident Customer number (you can find this in your payment book or on any letters you've had from us. You can also ask your Rep)
  • Your Rep's phone number

Your friend/relative will then need to call your Rep to apply for a loan with us. They'll need to mention your Provident customer number when they apply. This is so we know that you told them about us. If they don't do this, you won't be eligible for the £50.

For more information contact your Rep who will be happy to help.


Terms and conditions

  • You must be a current Provident customer or have a fully paid up loan within the last 6 months
  • Your friend/relative must be new to Provident (or have paid off a loan at least 6 months ago)
  • Your friend/relative must be accepted and receive a loan from us
  • Neither you or your eligible person can work for us, be related to, or live at the same address as someone who does
  • You can’t recommend us to people you don’t know. Only recommend your friends or relatives. You can't use social media to find people to recommend
  • When you recommend a friend we’d normally give you your £50 in cash. However, if we can’t visit you at your home because of COVID-19 we’ll give you a cheque. If you’d prefer cash, we can swap your cheque for cash when we’re able to visit you in your home again. For more information about our response to COVID-19 visit our Coronavirus Update page
  • Subject to change without notice