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Account Merge


icon Why Are My Accounts Being Merged?

Your accounts will be merged if our records show that you have more than one customer account, as opposed to loan agreements with us, and more than one Agent responsible for the account.


Keeping track of more than one account can be confusing and harder to manage. To make things simpler, we're reducing the number of accounts you have with us to just one, with one Agent.

icon What Will Happen To My Accounts?

Your accounts will be merged, leaving you with one account and one customer number. Each of your loan agreements will sit under this one account. From now on, you will have one Agent responsible for your account, collecting your repayments and your further lending requests, subject to an Affordability Assessment.

icon How Was My Agent Chosen?

Provident has selected the Agent who we think will best meet your needs. This has involved discussion with your Agents.

icon How Long Will It Take For My Accounts To Merge?

You will be told in advance that your accounts will merge. From being notified, the process will then take up to a week.

icon Will This Affect My Chances Of Getting Further Loans?

Depending on the repayment history of your loans, there could be an effect on any future application requests. Speak to your Agent if you are concerned.