Thinking of taking out a loan with Provident?


What is Home Credit?

Home credit is a friendly, face to face service that provides small loans with manageable repayments. They’re collected each week from your home by an Agent. Click here to learn more about doorstep loans.

How is a Home Collected loan different to other loans?

Home Collected loans are different because our Agents call at your home to collect your repayments. Home Collected Credit gives you the option to borrow small amounts – we offer loans starting from just £100.


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Who are Agents?

Agents are at the heart of our business, offering a face to face service to our customers. Your Agent will visit you in your home to discuss your loan and repayments and will then deliver your loan to you at a time that's convenient. Your agent will also arrange a convenient day to call and collect loan repayments. 


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How much can I borrow?

You could borrow between £100 and £1,000, depending upon your personal circumstances and the weekly loan repayment that's affordable for you. When you take a cash loan from us, you know upfront exactly how much you will have to pay each week. That means you can borrow money knowing there will never be any unexpected extras.


Use our Loan Calculator now to see how much your weekly payments would be.

What information do I need to apply for a Provident loan?

To start your application online for a Provident loan you will need:

  • Personal information including your name, date of birth and National Insurance number (this helps us process your application faster.)
  • Your address details for the past 3 years.
  • A contact telephone number and email address (so we can confirm your application by email.)

You must also agree to a credit check which will leave a 'footprint' on your credit file.


If your initial application is accepted in principle, an Agent will visit you in your home to carry out an affordability assessment. In order to proceed with your application and carry out an affordability assessment, Proof of ID and income must be presented during the Agent visit, the Agent will also need to gain an understanding of your outgoings. Click here to find out what is accepted documentation for ID and income. 


What does 'Accepted in Principle' mean?

Accepted in principle is a stepping stone to full approval of your loan. To apply for a Provident loan, you first need to complete a form online or over the phone. At this stage of the application we carry out a credit check. This check helps us to decide whether we are able to lend to you and helps to confirm your identity. This credit check is proportionate to the loans we offer so you don't need to have a perfect credit file.


If everything is ok with the credit check we will accept your application in principle which means we are happy to lend to you as long as you complete an affordability assessment and this shows you can afford the loan repayments.

Do I need a bank account?

No. You do not need a bank account for a Home Collected loan as the loan is delivered to you in cash and the Agent will come round every week to collect repayments which can be paid in cash.

I’m self-employed. Will you still consider me for a loan?

Yes we will still consider you. However, your Agent will need to be satisfied that the income you declare is accurate and repayments are affordable for the term of the loan. If possible, it will help if you can provide your Agent with documentary evidence which shows your income.

When will I get my money?

When you apply online for a loan with us, you’re given an immediate decision in principle. If successful, an Agent will visit you at home at a time to suit you to discuss your loan application and carry out an affordability assessment.


You should be contacted within 48 hours of your initial application to arrange this visit. Once your loan has been approved your agent will call back to your home to drop off your cash – it’s that simple! If you’ve already applied and need to speak to someone please give us a call on 0800 096 6064.

Why have I been offered a different loan amount?

When you apply for a loan online, your application is accepted in principle. The next stage of your application is the Agent visit, where the Agent will discuss your circumstances further.


During the face to face meeting, the Agent will complete an affordability assessment, by asking you for details of your income and outgoings. This enables us to assess whether you can afford to repay the amount you’ve asked to borrow.


If the affordability assessment shows that you can’t afford to repay the amount you’ve applied for, you may be offered a lower loan amount providing this is suitable for the purpose of the loan. We do this as we like to look at you, and your personal circumstances, only lending amounts we know you can afford to repay. This is in line with lending policy.

What is the APR of my loan?

The Annual Percentage Rate (APR) on your loan will depend on how much you want to borrow and how many weeks you choose to repay it over. Use our loan calculator to find out how much your loan would cost or read more about interest rates here.

What are my repayment options?

We believe in a straightforward approach to loans. Our small, unsecured loans have fixed weekly repayments with no hidden fees or late payment charges. The total cost of the loan is fixed. If you miss a payment with us, we don't increase the cost of your loan- there are no hidden charges.

What happens if I want to settle my account early?

Just get in touch with your agent to chat through your options. They’ll explain what happens if you pay your loan off early.

Is my loan confidential?

Yes it is. We’ll only discuss details of your loan with you and not with other family members or friends without your consent as we’re bound by the Data Protection Act.

What happens if my circumstances change?

At Provident, we understand life doesn’t always happen as we planned. If your circumstances change and you need to discuss your loan, you should contact your Agent as soon as possible. Your Agent will then be able to work with you to decide the best repayment options for you. If you're worried about repayment options, click here