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Thinking of taking out a loan with Provident?


Home Credit is a friendly, face to face service that provides loans with manageable repayments. If accepted in principle, a member of our team will visit your home to discuss your loan requirements, complete an affordability assessment and if approved will issue the money, and collect the weekly repayments from your home. Click here to learn more about doorstep loans.

You could borrow between £100 and £1,000, subject to affordability. When you take a cash loan  with us, you know upfront exactly how much you will have to pay each week and in total. That means you can borrow money knowing there will never be any unexpected extra charges.


Use our Loan Calculator now to see how much your weekly payments would be.

To start your application online for a Provident loan you will need:

  • Personal information including your name and date of birth
  • Your address details for the past 3 years
  • A contact telephone number and email address (so we can confirm your application by email)

You must also agree to a credit check which will leave a 'footprint' on your credit file.


If your initial application is accepted in principle, a member of our friendly local team will visit you in your home to discuss your loan needs and carry out an affordability assessment. They will confirm the details that you provided on the application form are correct. In order to proceed with your application and carry out an affordability assessment, proof of ID, address and income must be presented during your home visit. They will also need to gain an understanding of your outgoings. Click here to find out what is accepted documentation for ID and income. 


As this is a home credit loan, we require your consent for a member of our team to visit you in your home and discuss your loan options, this can be done by providing an electronic signature when completing the application form online, or by completing this step in your initial home visit. 

Accepted in principle is a stepping stone to full approval of your loan. To apply for a Provident loan, you first need to complete a form online or over the phone. At this stage of the application we carry out a credit check. This check helps us to decide whether we are able to lend to you and helps to confirm your identity. This credit check is proportionate to the loans we offer so you don't need to have a perfect credit file.

No. You do not need a bank account for a home collected loan as the loan is delivered to you by a member of the Provident team in cash. They will come round every week to collect repayments which can be paid in cash.

Yes, we consider all situations. We get to know your personal circumstances and carry out an affordability assessment. This means that even if you’re self-employed, unemployed or on benefits if you can provide proof of income and outgoings, and the member of our team going through this with you is satisfied that the loan is affordable and sustainable for you, you could still be accepted for a Provident loan. For more information on what is accepted proof of income click here.

During the affordability assessment you will need to provide proof of income and give details of your outgoings. This enables us assess whether you can afford to repay the amount you’ve been asked to borrow.


If the affordability assessment, shows that you can’t afford to repay the amount you’ve applied for, you may be offered a lower loan amount providing this is suitable for the purpose of the loan.

The Annual Percentage Rate (APR) on your loan will depend on how much you want to borrow and how many weeks you choose to repay it over. Use our loan calculator to find out how much your loan would cost or read more about interest rates here.

We believe in a straightforward approach to loans. Provident loans have fixed weekly repayments with no hidden fees or late payment charges. If you miss a payment, the cost of your loan won’t be increased.

You can either discuss this with a member of the team on your next home visit or call our contact centre on 0800 096 6064, open 6 days a week.

Yes it is. Your loan will only be discussed with you and not with other family members or friends without your consent as keeping your data secure is really important to us. All your personal information will only ever be seen by clearly identified Provident.  

We all know that circumstances can quickly change, so if you find yourself in a situation where you think that you may not be able to make your next repayment or you are struggling with the amount that you need to repay, there are things you can do.  If you're worried about repayment options, more information is provided here.

No. Some lenders may use brokers, who could charge you a fee before you've been given your loan.


We are not like this.


We would never work with loan brokers who charge fees. We do work with brokers, but on the agreement that the customer does not pay anything extra for this service.


Click here to learn more about brokers. 

You may have noticed the VeriSign logo on the website. This service ensures we keep your personal details safe and secure when you start your application online.