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Thinking of taking out a loan with Provident?

Home Credit is a friendly, face to face service that provides loans with manageable repayments. If accepted in principle, we’ll visit your home to discuss your loan requirements and complete an affordability assessment. If you’re approved we’ll also issue the money and collect the weekly repayments from your home.


Home credit is also known as a doorstep loan, click here to read more. 

As a new customer you could borrow between £100 and £1,000, subject to affordability. When you take a cash loan with us, you know upfront exactly how much you will have to pay each week and in total. That means you can borrow money knowing there will never be any unexpected extra or hidden charges.


Use our loan calculator to see how much your weekly payments would be.

To start your application with us, we ask for the following information:

  • Personal information including your name and date of birth
  • Your address details for the past 3 years
  • A contact telephone number so we can arrange your home visit

You must also agree to a credit check which will leave a 'footprint' on your credit file.


If your initial application is accepted in principle, we’ll visit you at home to discuss your loan needs, check your proof of identity and address, and carry out an affordability assessment. For the affordability assessment we need to see proof of your income, as well as getting an understanding of your outgoings. This is to make sure the loan repayments are affordable and sustainable throughout your loan agreement.

Click here to find out what documents you can use for ID, address and income.

CEM stands for Customer Experience Managers. You might also hear them called representatives or reps. CEMs provide a friendly face to face service, visiting our customers in their homes, getting to know you and your individual circumstances. They carry out the home visit, where they’ll go through an affordability assessment to ensure you can afford the loan. If approved, your CEM will then visit weekly to collect repayments for the duration of the loan term, and are there to answer any questions you might have about your loan.

Accepted in principle is a stepping stone to full approval of your loan.
When you apply online or over the phone with us, we carry out a credit check. This check helps us to decide whether we are able to lend to you and helps to confirm your identity. If these checks are passed, that means you’ve been accepted in principle. To be fully approved for the loan we will still need to carry out an affordability assessment during the home visit and go through your income and outgoings.

No. You do not need a bank account for a home collected loan as the loan is delivered to your home in cash. We’ll then come round every week to collect repayments which are also paid in cash.

Yes, we consider all circumstances. We get to know your personal circumstances and carry out an affordability assessment which takes into account your income and outgoings. This means that if you’re self-employed, unemployed or on benefits, if your assessment shows the loan is affordable and sustainable for you, you could still be accepted for a Provident loan. Find out what is accepted proof of income.

If you’re accepted in principle after making your initial online application, the next step is a home visit. During the home visit, we’ll carry out an affordability assessment, where a member of the team will check your income and get an understanding of your outgoings. This enables us to assess whether you can afford to repay the amount you’ve asked to borrow over the number of weeks you’d like to repay.


If the affordability assessment shows that you can’t afford to repay the amount you’ve applied for, you may be offered a lower loan amount providing this is suitable for the purpose of the loan.

The Annual Percentage Rate (APR) on your loan will depend on how much you want to borrow and how many weeks you choose to repay it over. Use our loan calculator to find out how much your loan would cost or read more about interest rates here.

As a new customer, you can choose to repay a loan with us over 13, 26 or 52 weeks depending how much you’d like to borrow. Then each week you pay back a fixed amount, with no hidden costs or fees.

Yes it is. Your loan will only be discussed with you and not with other family members or friends without your consent as keeping your data secure is really important to us. All your personal information will only ever be seen by clearly identified Provident employees.

No. Some lenders may use brokers, who could charge you a fee before you've been given your loan.

We are not like this.

We would never work with loan brokers who charge fees. We do work with brokers, but on the agreement that the customer does not pay anything extra for this service.

You may have noticed the VeriSign logo on the website. This service ensures we keep your personal details safe and secure.



Data protection legislation (which includes the General Data Protection Regulation or GDPR) places obligations on Provident in relation to the way that we handle your personal information. We must process your information fairly and lawfully. This also means you are entitled to know how we intend to use your information. You can then decide whether or not you want to give it to us so that we can provide the product you require. All our employees are responsible for maintaining customer confidentiality. We provide training to all our colleagues to remind them about their obligations. In addition our policies and procedures are regularly audited and reviewed. Find out more on our Privacy page.

We look at each application on its own merits and come to a decision based on our lending criteria. We're responsible lenders. When considering whether or not to lend it's important to us that you're able to afford the repayments throughout the term of the loan. We'll take your credit rating into account, but it's not the only thing we look at.