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Frequently asked questions about voice recording

Yes. We only make audio recordings.

It’s one of the ways we can demonstrate to you, ourselves and our regulators we’re lending and collecting responsibly. We’re the first home credit provider to use voice recording. We believe it helps us do our job better and to provide you with a great service. We use the recordings to help resolve any queries or complaints you may have. They’re also used to help train our Representatives. Finally, we may use the recordings to prevent or detect fraud.

Like many finance companies, banks and other organisations, we record all telephone conversations. But we’ll also record some instances when your rep visits your home.


We record loan applications, as well as conversations with customers who are behind on their payments. We don't record anything else.

We’ll record the whole conversation between you and whoever’s come to see you from Provident.

We record home visits for your protection and to make sure we deliver the positive experience you expect from us. The recordings ensure we give you the right information as well as providing the best possible service and support every time we visit.

We don’t want you to feel uncomfortable, especially when you’re in your own home. We only record with your approval, and you can ask us to stop at any time.


However, we do need to record all loan applications and visits to discuss late or missed payments. If you ask the rep to stop recording they will do so but will be unable to continue with the conversation.

As a lender we’re very tightly regulated and we protect your data. This doesn’t only apply to the information you give us when you apply for a loan, the voice recordings we make of our conversations are also part of that data. We have to make sure they’re kept safe. To do this we use the very latest cyber security systems to store the recordings. No one other than ourselves can access them.

We understand that by recording our conversation we may record sensitive and highly personal information about you. All our recordings are confidential. But before asking for personal details we’ll always request your permission to record.

We keep your recordings safe and secure for six years. That’s six years from when your relationship with Provident ends.

If you get in touch with us, we'll assess whether we can delete the recording. Here’s how to get in touch:


  1. Phone the our Contact Centre on 0800 0568749
  2. Email Provident Head Office -
  3. Complete a web form here.


We can't delete loan application visits for regulatory purposes, however all other recording may be able to be deleted. If we're able, we'll delete the recording within 30 days of receiving your request. We’ll confirm this in writing if you ask us to do so.