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Are Provident Agents friendly?

Cash loans delivered to your door
Cash loans delivered to your door

We can say with complete confidence that Provident Agents are approachable – because we’ve got the numbers to prove it.

In a recent survey, 97% of our customers agreed Provident Agents are friendly*, so we know they’re a pleasure to deal with. And 95% agree they’re trustworthy and professional*. We think you’ll agree that those are pretty good numbers – especially when you consider that there’s over 7,000 of our Agents based all throughout the UK.

Maybe it’s because of the rare, face-to-face service they provide, and how convenient it is that they’re there to guide you through the loan application. They’re available to help throughout the term of your loan. Plus, many used to be Provident customers themselves so they understand your situation.

Not only is a Provident Agent there from the moment you take out your doorstep loan, but they come to see you every week to collect your repayments, in cash, with minimum fuss. And you don’t have to worry about them bothering you on a day or at a time that isn’t convenient for you. They’ll come to see you about payments at a time that suits you.

*Customer tracker survey, December 2014

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