What you need to know about loans for the unemployed

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There are ways to borrow money even if you’re out of work.

There are some circumstances in which not having a job doesn’t automatically exclude you from getting access to money when you need it. A good example would be if you have some kind of income even though you’re not in work, such as benefit payments or pensions.

Any responsible lender will use some criteria with which to ensure you are able to afford to repay the money you are borrowing. When you apply for a loan with Provident, your Agent will carry out an Affordability Assessment which will tell them this.

Doorstep loans

Doorstep lenders, such as Provident, will consider applications from people who need a helping hand financially but aren’t employed. Each person will be assessed individually on their ability to repay the loan, with special attention paid to any income they might have despite not having a job.

With us at Provident, the only way to really know if you can afford a loan is to visit the loan calculator. If then you would like to apply, visit our website. Filling out our online form will give us the information we need to work out whether you could be eligible for a loan.