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How quickly could I get a doorstep loan?

man sat on floor, talking on phone
man sat on floor, talking on phone

At most times of year, it’s possible to apply for a Provident loan and, if approved, receive it as and when you need it, but what if you need one in time for an event or in time for a special occasion?

In most circumstances, your Agent is on hand to provide you with the loan ready for a specific event or if something goes wrong and it’s needed urgently.


Your Agent is self-employed, so it is down to them to decide whether they arrange for customers to be visited at the weekends. If you are unsure, and already a customer, give them a ring to check.

Generally speaking, on Saturdays it is possible to receive your money, but that might not be possible on Sundays. To be on the safe side, if you need it for a specific event, it’s best to contact your Agent or try to arrange your loan to arrive in good time.


Unfortunately, we are unable to get your doorstep loan to you for Christmas Eve, Christmas Day or Boxing Day. The latest date for which we can arrange for your money to arrive is on December 23rd, although this is only applicable if this date doesn’t fall on a Sunday.

Other bank holidays

We are unfortunately unable to give you your money on bank holidays. Ideally, you should arrange for your loan to come to your home the day before a bank holiday if you really need it for then, provided it also not a Sunday.

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