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I know I have bad credit. Will I be approved for a loan?

man in checked shirt looking off camera
man in checked shirt looking off camera

People with poor credit scores can still borrow the money they need, thanks to lenders such as Provident.

Having a bad score on your credit report doesn’t necessarily mean you can’t get a loan. Whilst your credit rating may not appeal to banks, credit card firms and other mainstream lenders, companies like Provident will still consider you for a loan.

Loan options if you have bad credit

If you’re in need of extra cash but don’t have a good credit score, you may struggle getting a loan through a mainstream lender.

Some may prefer taking out a secured loan, where you borrow against something you own such as your house or car. However, not repaying the amount you borrowed could see the item repossessed.

You might be eligible for a credit card that’s mainly made for people in that same situation, although it can come with high interest rates.

Some people may prefer short term loans, like those from Provident. We look at more than just your credit rating when you apply for a loan.

Provident might be able to help if you have a bad credit rating

We help people when others won’t, as we don’t just judge a person by their credit score. Instead, we like to listen to their story and meet them face to face via a Provident Agent, as we understand that sometimes good customers have bad credit ratings. If you fall into that category, we might be able to lend you the money you need. We’ll then carry out a credit check and assess what options are available based on your affordability.

However, in terms of how likely you are to get a Provident loan, we can’t make generalisations. To find out if you can comfortably afford a loan with us, take a look at our loan calculator to see if a Provident loan is for you. From then on you can speak to your Agent about your loan options and ask any questions you may have.

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