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I’m still paying back my student loan, can I get a doorstep loan?

two friends sat outside chatting
two friends sat outside chatting

We at Provident pride ourselves on being a helping hand when people need it most, whether they’re repaying their student loan or not.

If you’re still paying off a student loan, however old it is, you could borrow from Provident. You’ll be treated the same as any other borrower, and your application will go through the same number and kind of checks as you would whether or not you have a student loan. In that sense, it’s just like any other kind of credit.

Student loan repayments are taken out of your wage automatically. The only way they could affect your ability to take out a loan with Provident is when you complete the Affordability Assessment with your Agent. This looks at your monthly incomings and outgoings to see whether you can afford the repayments on your loan.

If the Affordability Assessment finds you don’t have the available money to repay your loan after your income and all your expenses have been taken into account, the following will happen. You could be offered a lower loan amount, or may be declined at the Agents discretion. Of course, if you’re repaying your student loan, your income will be slightly less than if you weren’t.

To find out more about the loan options for a Provident loan, you can use our loan calculator.

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